South Florida college advisorsThanksgiving is here and there is a lot for which to be thankful. Students are thankful that the school year is almost one-third of the way over and there are two long breaks coming up.

The college advisors at International College Counselors understand that there is much to thank teachers for, as well, especially by the high school students who are college bound. Parents and students should be thankful that teachers take on so many responsibilities outside of the classroom including:

1. Sponsoring and organizing activities, clubs, academic teams and sports. Without them, there’d be no extracurricular activities, less enrichment, and fewer accolades with which to impress the colleges.

2. Writing letters of recommendation that are positive, thoughtful, detailed and kind. Teachers give up their evenings and weekends to write these. The letters certainly do not write themselves.

3. Teaching subjects that most likely parents wouldn’t be able to teach and look good to colleges, like AP Chemistry, Honors Physics or Calculus BC.

4. Teach subjects that parents may be reluctant to teach, like driver’s education or health.

5. Getting up early, are alert and awake for the school start time. Teachers are there earlier than students — and they stay later too. They also give up their nights and weekends to grade the work and provide constructive comments.

6. Providing guidance and counseling. A good teacher listens, questions, and responds, remembering that each student is different.

7. Inspiring excitement about learning more. After all, most college bound students will have four more years in school, and college is not all about the parties.

Teachers are some of the most inspiring and influential people in a person’s life. Yet, teachers are also some of the most under-appreciated professionals in the world. They truly deserve the thanks.

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