Corporate Benefits

Educational planning is one of the most expensive and time consuming tasks employees will ever undertake. Some are researching colleges for a child. Others are looking to further their own education to make themselves more valuable as an employee.

Helping your employees fulfill their educational goals will minimize their stress and out-of-pocket college expenses. The added peace of mind helps employees stay more focused on their jobs.  Expert college work/life planning is also a proven way to attract and retain a quality workforce.

The International College Counselors College Admissions Corporate Benefit Program provides the critical college admissions and education counseling employees need. Expert college counselors will guide employees on all aspects of the college admissions process.

Employers and employees will receive a Corporate Discount off of International College Counselors’ expert strategies for college admissions.

Individualized College Planning Consultations

One-on-one college planning consultations focus on a student’s individual goals.  The sessions include:

  • College/ school search
  • Course and college major guidance
  • Assistance with standardized test scheduling and test preparation
  • Support on college applications and essays
  • Help with scholarships and other college funding options
  • Financial aid strategies and options
  • Detailed planning of school coursework, extracurricular activities
    and summer options
  • College tour and interview coordination and prep

Consultations can be conducted either at your facility, one of our offices, or via the internet. International College Counselors work with students and employees from all over the world.

College Admissions Corporate Seminars

International College Counselors provides College Admissions Corporate Seminars for employees on a variety of college planning subjects. All seminars are 45 minutes long, unless otherwise specified, and followed by a 15-minute question and answer period.  College Admissions Corporate Seminars have included:

  • College Admissions 101
  • Answers to Most Frequently Asked College Admissions Questions
  • How to Get Into College in the United States
  • Using your Summer Wisely for College Admissions
  • College Admissions for Freshmen and Sophomores
  • College Admissions for Graduate Schools

Each employee that attends will also receive useful tips and resources regarding the entire college planning process.

For more information about International College Counselor’s College Admissions Corporate Benefit Program or College Admissions Corporate Seminar Series, please contact Cheree Liebowitz at (954) 414-9986 or [email protected].