Webinars & Seminars

December 7 @ 7PM EST

How to Choose a Grad School and Get In


Graduate school can be a real opportunity to increase future earning potential while riding out a tough job market. Parents and prospective grad school students will learn:

  • The benefits of going to grad school
  • Tips for finding the right school and program for you
  • Admissions timelines and requirements/materials
  • How to position yourself
  • Ways to strengthen your application
January 25 @ 7PM EST

College Admissions: Everything You Need to Know


The college admissions process can seem confusing and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. After this webinar, students and their parents will understand:

  • What students need to do in high school in order to stand out, improve their odds of admission, and make a college want them
  • What students should look for in selecting a college
  • The role grades, standardized tests, course load, and extracurricular activities play in order for students to get into the college of their choice
February 8 @ 7PM EST

College Admissions Advice for Middle School Parents


The college admissions process has significantly changed over the years and can often leave parents and students confused and frustrated. Learn what your student needs to do in high school – and even middle school – in order to stand out and make a college want them. Understand the role grades, standardized tests, course load, and extracurricular activities play in helping a student get into his or her college of choice. Parents will leave this presentation with a clear understanding of what colleges look for in students and how being informed – and starting early – will improve their child’s odds of admission.

February 22  @ 7PM EST

Strategic Advice for Medical School Admissions


Planning to apply to medical school? Learn the ins and outs of the medical school admissions process. Topics covered will include

  • Medical School admissions requirements
  • Application timeline and strategic submission
  • Tips and tricks to applying
  • What admissions directors look for in a prospective student
  • Interview preparation
  • Gaining the advantage with unique extracurricular activities
  • How to make the personal statement stand out
  • Getting the best letter of recommendation
March 8 @ 7PM EST

Use Your Summer Wisely and Rise Above the Rest in College Admissions


Summer is a great time to have fun – and an essential time for a high schooler to do things that are productive. In this presentation, participants will:

  • Learn how to plan something fun AND productive during the summer
  • Discover which summer activities admissions officers want to see on a student’s application
  • Understand the benefits, opportunities and differences of paid jobs, internships, volunteer work,
  • summer school and other summer activities
  • Find out which summer options are the most advantageous and which are not worth the cost
March 29 @ 7PM EST

Using Extracurricular Activities to Gain the Edge in College Admissions


Academic success and standardized test scores are only part of what gets a student accepted into college. A student’s extracurricular activities show a student’s talent, commitment, and curiosity, and can oftentimes ‘tip the admissions scale.’ Participants will learn:

  • How admissions officers evaluate extracurricular activities
  • How students can get started with and stand out using school-based activities, personal interests, work experience, and more
  • Why quality is more important than quantity


During the past ten years, the Friends of the Stirling Road Library has partnered with International College Counselors to create, develop, and present programs regarding the college admissions process…Since our initial program, we have become the “go-to” library for this initiative, thanks to the outstanding content and presentations of ICC and our college program has served hundreds of students and their families during this time…The presenters from ICC were professional, thorough, and dynamic. As in the past, our group was impressed with the quality and breadth of the presentations…The positive feedback from the families, together with the recognition we have received from the community, confirms that these programs are the jewel in our offerings and we value our partnership with ICC.

Hannah Handler Hostyk

Co-President, Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library

Thank you! I thought your presentation was wonderful and time appropriate. So many changes since my college years. I will be contacting the branches in the north area to let them know what a great job you do! Hopefully, in the future, WBB will be able to create more interest with our students and parents in this demanding, time-essential life hurdle their children will face.

Cynthia Permenter

Branch Manager, West Boynton Branch Library

Your presentation was well received by our members based on their positive comments. You held the audience’s interest with your excellent speaking skills and engaging presentation filled with relevant information about the college application process. You kept it fun and light. I know our members left with a greater understanding of how to get ready for college and why it is important to start early.

Beatriz Lluch Ceruti

Gardens Branch Library

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