A family-centered approach to college advising.

Each International College Counselors service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and child, a review of applicable academic and test records, and completion of the Student/Family Profile. With this, the consultant will better understand your child’s and your family’s values, priorities, and preferences, as well as your child’s strengths, needs, and learning style.

College Admission Counseling

With the Comprehensive College Admission Plan, students in the 7th-12th grades will receive a personal advisor from International College Counselors taking them through the entire admission process.

Graduate school admission advising

With the Comprehensive Graduate School Admission Plan, students have a personal advisor from International College Counselors taking them through the entire admission process. Expert Advisors help students applying to Business School, Medical School, Law School, Graduate Masters and PhD Programs, Dental School and other graduate programs.

International student admission advising

Advisors at International College Counselors are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, Urdu and Punjabi. In addition to the Comprehensive College Plan or Graduate Plan listed above, International student applicants will also receive assistance with the following:

  • TOEFL Examination: Plan & establish a schedule for the TOEFL
  • School Selection: Review of T.S.O. Schools (Test Score Optional)
  • Preparation of Required Bank Letter
  • Translation of Transcripts and Recommendation Letters
  • Oversight of Deadlines

Additional Services

International College Counselors also offers services tailored to meet the needs of students in special situations, including transfer students, students with disabilities, student athletes, students wishing to reapply while taking a year off, wait-listed students, students applying to boarding schools and more. Please call or email us with a brief description of your situation for more information.

Pro Bono

An important part of the International College Counselors mission is to maximize the educational opportunities for students of all schools and backgrounds. Each year, International College Counselors provides free support to highly motivated / high potential students who are unable to pay for the services.