Graduate School

Comprehensive Graduate School Plan

With the Comprehensive Graduate School Plan, students have a personal advisor from International College Counselors taking them through the entire admission process. Expert educational consultants help students applying to professional schools (i.e., Med, Vet, Dental, DO, and Law), business schools (MBA), doctoral programs (PhD, PsyD, etc.), masters programs (i.e., MA, MEd, MPH, MPP, Post-Bacc/Med, MFA, Architecture), and other graduate programs. In this plan, we provide the following:

Student Evaluation

  • Discuss student’s career goals and desires
  • Review student’s academic and extracurricular activities

Graduate School selection

  • Review, evaluate, and finalize a list of graduate schools to which the student will apply

Application review

  • Help the student highlight their strengths
  • Review applications

Essay Advising

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Serve as a sounding board for preliminary ideas
  • Review essay drafts

Letters of Recommendation

  • Decide which employers / professors / others to ask for recommendations
  • Learn how to approach those you want to approach for the best results

Interview Preparation

  • Prepare for interviews and meetings with faculty and admissions officers
  • Practice interview questions and expert responses

Test Scheduling

  • Discuss a standardized testing schedule
  • Explore test preparation strategies/classes

Exploration of financial aid and scholarships

  • Discuss financial aid goals and how to achieve them
  • Review key financial aid strategies and options

Wait List / Deferral

  • Develop strategies for acceptance if placed on the wait list or deferred

Students receive timely communication through virtual or in-person meetings, as well as phone conversations and email correspondences, to stay on track with college admission schedules and due dates.