The ICC Team

Our expert team of counselors has decades of combined experience helping students and families with the college admissions process.

Ownership Team

Mandee Heller Adler



Mandee Heller Adler is a renowned college counseling expert, a Certified Educational Planner, and the founder of International College Counselors. She is known through her work with high school students and her fast-selling books: From Public School to the Ivy League: How to get into a top school without top dollar resources, International Admissions: How to get accepted to U.S. Colleges, and To University and Beyond: Launch your career in high gear. She is regularly featured in US News and World Report and has also been featured in dozens of other newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!Parenting, Money, NBC News, and FOX Business News.

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Barry N. Liebowitz



Barry N. Liebowitz is the managing partner and CFO of International College Counselors. For 15 years, Barry has been assisting students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. He is a Certified Educational Planner, a board certification awarded only to individuals who demonstrate the highest level of professional standards in educational planning. Barry has a knack for finding the right fit colleges for students, from scholar-athletes to performance arts majors. His students have gained acceptances into more than 100 colleges, including Ivy League and highly selective schools, liberal arts colleges, and state universities.

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Executive Team

Marlene Fishbein


Marlene Fishbein serves as the Director of Client Relations for International College Counselors. She is a veteran in the education industry, recently focusing on Test Prep and Academic Support for students in grades K–College.

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Aimee Heller


Aimee Heller serves as the Director of Communications for International College Counselors and the Chief Operating Officer of Edit the Work. She is an award-winning advertising copywriter who knows how to best showcase a student’s unique achievements, personality and passion.

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Martha Leduc

Senior Manager of Client Relations

Martha Leduc serves as the Associate Director of Client Relations for International College Counselors. She plays a crucial role in fostering, developing, and maintaining relationships between International College Counselors and its families. Martha will oftentimes be a family’s initial point of contact when reaching out to us.

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Cheree Liebowitz


Cheree Liebowitz serves as the COO for International College Counselors and oversees the Marketing, Human Resources, and the South Florida PreK-12 Educational Advising. Cheree is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in the key areas of strategic planning, customer relationships, and business development.

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Advising Team

Jen Abreu


Jen Abreu has worked as a counselor for students and their families for close to 30 years. Prior to joining ICC, Jen served as Director of College Counseling at Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach, Florida.

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Beth Barteletti



Beth Barteletti has the inside scoop on admissions; she’s been in the profession since 1998. Over the course of 14 years, Beth evaluated more than 10,000 applications for undergraduate admission to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and rose to the position of Senior Associate Dean of Admission.

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Kelly Bennett


Kelly Bennett is a lifelong educator who began her career in education more than 25 years ago. Prior to joining International College Counselors, Kelly served as the Director of Guidance at American Heritage School in Plantation, FL, one of the most prestigious college preparatory schools in the country.

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Dr. Lourdes Martinez Cowgill


Dr. Lourdes Martinez Cowgill has had a long and successful career with more than 50 years in the field of education. For 15 years prior to joining International College Counselors, Lourdes served as president of Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, one of the top private college preparatory schools in the United States.

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Andrea Rubin Graziano


Andrea Rubin Graziano knows how to weave a good story and polish it into a great application. Following her graduation from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, she started racking up awards as a reporter, writer, and editor. In 2018, she joined ICC and began working with high school students, brainstorming, crafting, and editing their college admissions essays.

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Andy Greenspan


Andy Greenspan spent his professional life interviewing, writing and communicating for television, secondary schools, and colleges. For his work as a journalist, Andy has received broadcast journalism’s most prestigious national honors: the DuPont-Columbia, Emmy, and George Foster Peabody awards.

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Nicole Jobson


Nicole Jobson Since 2000, Nicole has advocated for students in nearly every facet of education: as an independent educational consultant, founder and academic director of a private school, special needs educator, and homeschooling parent. She relishes the role of creating future opportunities for students by expanding their awareness of possibilities and by directing their attention to meaningful engagement.

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Erik McLeod


Erik McLeod has been in education for 27 years – as a college advisor, admissions representative, high school teacher, and tennis coach. Describing himself as an “educator for life,” Erik served for 12 years as a college advisor at American Heritage School in Plantation, FL, before joining the ICC team.

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Kerri Medina


Kerri Medina has worked in undergraduate and graduate school admissions since 2001. With an insider’s understanding, Kerri makes what may seem mysterious more predictable and brings what seems impossible within reach.

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Jonathan Megerian


Jon Megerian began his college advising career as a college admissions officer at Brandeis University. As an admissions officer, he read thousands of applications and traveled around the country to high schools and college fairs. After several years at Brandeis, Jon left to pursue a graduate degree at Johns Hopkins University.

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Jillian Nataupsky



Jillian Nataupsky is known for her proven leadership in the college counseling and college admissions community. Jillian entered the profession in 2010 in the admissions office of two selective private colleges, Connecticut College and Ursinus College. For both schools, Jillian read and reviewed applications, attended committee meetings for student selection, interviewed students, and participated in all student outreach. Her knowledge of the inner workings of college admissions makes her a coveted member of our team.

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Laura Rich


Laura Rich is known as the “Walking College Admissions Encyclopedia” by her peers. Her love of working with prospective students began when she was an Admissions Ambassador during her undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her experience inspired her to pursue a career in admissions upon graduation.

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Debra Barnett Santostefano


Debra Barnett Santostefano joined ICC after 19 years as the Director of College Counseling at Windermere Preparatory School. She has helped thousands of students apply and gain acceptances to hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and around the world. In her role, Debra also hosted admissions officers from over 150 colleges annually and visited over 100 colleges.

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Amy Shapiro


Amy Shapiro has been guiding students and their families through the college admissions process for over 15 years. Born and raised in New York City, Amy began her career as a Books Publicist after earning her Bachelor of Arts in English from Tulane University. A true counselor and educator at heart, Amy thought about how she could apply her publicity skills to the field of education and counseling.

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Mary Simon


Mary Simon is a National Board Certified Counselor and has over 20 years of experience in college admissions counseling. She has worked in top public high schools across the country including: Boston, MA, New Orleans, LA, Philadelphia, PA, and San Diego, CA. Prior to joining International College Counselors, Mary served as the Director of College Counseling at a top ranked public charter school.

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Nancy Rones Zolotorofe


Nancy Rones Zolotorofe loves working with students from around the world to clearly identify the best course toward realizing their individualized college goals. Families overwhelmed by the admissions process consistently applaud the patient, nonjudgmental, and down-to-earth approach Nancy takes in expertly guiding them.

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Support Team

Danielle Garner

Danielle Garner serves as the Operations Support Specialist and Editor for International College Counselors. She began working at ICC in 2017, and most notably assists with essay review and interview preparation. Danielle graduated Cum Laude from the University of Miami with majors in English and Visual Journalism and minors in Art and Music Performance. During her time at the University of Miami, she was awarded Departmental Honors in Creative Writing for completing a Senior Honors Thesis.

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Heidi Teplitz

Heidi Teplitz is an organized professional with proven guidance and counseling skills, and a strong record of improving college acceptances. For more than 20 years, Heidi has helped guide students through their post-secondary futures, supporting and empowering them in the development of their individual academic and college goals.

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International Team

Pablo Botero

Pablo Botero serves as the Director of International Outreach in Colombia and Mexico. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Harvard University. At Harvard, Pablo was the Vice-President of the Latin American Students Association.

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Claudia Valdez

Claudia Valdez serves as a College Advisor and Director of Field Operations in Peru. Claudia holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College where she graduated magna cum laude and with academic honors when submitting her thesis, “The Peruvian Agrarian Reform of 1969: The Case of Cotton.”

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