Jillian Nataupsky Testimonials

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Jillian Nataupsky absolutely changed my life. The most supportive, friendly, & genuine college counselor anyone could ask for. Not only was she informative and provided me with all of the resources I need to succeed, but I built a strong bond with her (she was almost my friend in the best of ways) and felt so comfortable asking her anything. Can’t believe I am saying it, but I miss having mid-day text conversations with my college counselor. 100000% recommend.

sKy Augusta
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I wanted to send you a note about Jillian Nataupsky who has been working with my son since August 2021.

We are so lucky to have worked with Jillian! From the first discussion where Jillian and R discussed the colleges he’s interested in, the areas of study, etc. she’s been spot on with helpful ideas and recommendations.

Jillian has always been so fantastic. She’s lovely to speak to. She’s very polite and makes jokes and is okay with my unending questions. I deal with people as a real estate agent and I see people in all states of being. So, I know, when someone is skilled with keeping others calm and focused. Jillian always did that. She was always polite and helpful.

Of course, she’s uber organized – which is so important! And I don’t say this lightly – I think she told me she has an OCD approach to keeping track of all of the bits and pieces and she doesn’t disappoint! I too am very organized and keen to point out when others are not, especially with this college application process which is so detail oriented and complex. But somehow, Jillian was always on top of every nuance and detail.

During the run-up to November 1st, ED & EA, where R had something like 7 applications going in, each with a different college specific essay, I went off the deep end after seeing some of my son’s essays which, through no fault of Jillian’s, weren’t exactly right because my son was nervous and writing things that weren’t exactly correct. Jillian was very accommodating, allowing revision after revision and always willing to review the latest umpteenth draft. She’s like a family member at this point! She’s truly as committed and invested as we are. She has unending energy even reminding me to look at college admission’s decisions postings exactly when they are posted. She’s so incredible because she has so many candidates to keep track of, but she’s always front & center reminding me to have R log on to see a decision.

If you need someone who is deeply knowledgeable, always nice, one step ahead, and an excellent communicator, that’s Jillian! Nights and weekends, even holidays, Jillian always responds, and believe me, we had a ton of communication! She even sent me a 9-page typed summary of the financial aid options for every school he applied to. How nice was that?!

She also suggested R apply to Case Western Reserve University which I had heard of but wasn’t on his radar – telling us so much about it as she lives nearby in Cleveland. I thought that was very kind. R applied EA and received an acceptance plus a massive merit scholarship! What an honor! Jillian positioned him so well and really helped us through a long and detailed application and reference gathering process.

These students’ self-esteem is so important and Jillian has always treated Ryan with the utmost respect.
We (I) couldn’t have done it without Jillian. I feel R is able to speak with her openly and I too have had a true and understanding partner in Jillian. The entire experience surpassed my expectations.

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Jillian is the most phenomenal mentor I could ask for to have guided me through the college application process. She was truly dedicated to helping me find the school that was the right fit for me. Besides assisting me with the nuts and bolts, such as filling out the Common App, Jillian made an effort to get to know me as a person. This was extremely helpful when it came to writing my personal statement and supplemental essays. She helped me brainstorm ideas for each essay, and helped me workshop and edit the final products. When I was stuck on a prompt, Jillian helped me come up with ideas that represented who I was but also were effective in building my application. Jillian is exceptional because she understands each student she works with on a personal level, which makes her guidance very effective. With her help, I am extremely happy in college and found the school I belong at.

When I started the application process, I was a nervous and confused wreck. Jillian’s vast knowledge, incredible support, and invaluable advice led me to feel like a confident, educated college applicant. Her help in personalizing my college search, providing essential feedback throughout the essay writing process, and invariably answering all of my questions and concerns allowed me to submit applications of which I am very proud. I would highly recommend Jillian to anyone in the college application process!

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Thank you [Mandee] for connecting us with Jillian. As you promised, we love her and are excited to be working with her. I feel 1,000% better about the college process knowing that Jillian will help us navigate this whole journey. Her kindness, patience, enthusiasm, insights, and responsiveness were evident from Day 1. After only a few meetings, I already feel like she really cares about J and his passions, which truly warms my heart and gives me peace of mind. I’m grateful to your team for being there for our family, and we are really excited to work with ICC.

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I just wanted to write you a quick thank you note for helping coordinate Jillian coming to one of our sessions. I also wanted to let you know that it was a huge success and that the girls definitely benefitted from all of the resources and advice Jillian gave! I cannot thank you enough for coordinating this pro-bono service for my students. I know that they appreciated Jillian coming in and that they will continue to do so as they approach their senior year. The college counselor at their high school is only one person for 500 or so students so having that time where a counselor is solely focused on them and their questions is truly an experience I do not know whether or not they would have received. So, thank you so incredibly much for helping me make sure that they received this wonderful opportunity that I doubt they would have gotten.

Evans Van Liew, Shenandoah Valley Migrant Education Program