SSAT Flex Testing

International College Counselors is an authorized SSAT Flex Test Center. Our testing atmosphere is relaxed, personal, and intimate. We only test a few students at a time, and the test results count the same as taking the test in a room with dozens or even a hundred students. We offer convenient hours and dates, including holidays and weekends, to accommodate students’ busy schedules. If you choose to take the SSAT test, the following process is outlined below:

  • Prior to testing, students should contact our office at (954) 414-9986 to schedule a test date.
  • After a test date is determined and our proctor fee to administer the test has been paid, students should go to to register. International College Counselors test center code is 0371.
  • If students are requesting Special Accommodations, they must get the approval from SSAT at least two weeks before the scheduled test date. Students should notify us in advance if they require or are applying for Special Accommodations.
  • The International College Counselors office is located at 3107 Stirling Road, Suite 208, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.

About the Test

  • The SSAT is the Secondary Standard Admissions Test. Private schools throughout the world use the SSAT as a standardized test to help in admissions decisions.
  • The SSAT is a multiple-choice test consisting of five sections: two quantitative (math), one verbal, one reading comprehension, and an unscored writing exercise. The test takes a little over three hours to complete. Students receiving Special Accommodations get 1.5x standard time per section.
  • The SSAT Flex Test can be taken only one time per academic year (August 1 to July 31) and cannot be given on a regularly scheduled group test date.
  • Students must have a valid photo ID and a printed copy of their registration ticket to test at our site.