Kelly Bennett Testimonials

Kelly Bennett
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Kelly Bennett is truly exceptional! The college application process can be incredibly complex and daunting, and we feel very fortunate to have had her help our daughter navigate it. Kelly eased our stress and ensured that everything was completed on time. Her extensive knowledge of the process immediately resonated with our daughter, with whom she formed a strong connection from the start.
Kelly devoted time to understanding our daughter’s strengths, interests, and academic background. They spent numerous hours together researching universities, majors, and locations. Kelly’s patience, warmth, and understanding are unmatched, and she genuinely cares about her students. With years of experience as a high school counselor, she has a natural understanding of the stress high school seniors face and the inner workings of teenagers’ minds.

The trusting relationship that our daughter built with Kelly led her to follow Kelly’s advice with enthusiasm. This resulted in increased motivation, effort, and the application to more reach schools. Kelly’s commitment to her students is obvious in her constant availability, be it on weekends or evenings…

We are happy to say that our daughter now has several excellent college options, and through this process, she has grown more mature, resilient, and responsible.

holly D
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This letter of recommendation is written for Kelly Bennett. Ms. Bennett was a school appointed counselor for my daughter. From the beginning we could see the value of having her on our crusade. Not only did she help my daughter get into her dream school, but when the time came to actually make a decision I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Bennett on our side and help my daughter navigate through the difficult decision of going out of state. I also believe that she made sure that my daughter had everything that she needed to make an informed decision. Without Ms. Bennett, I am not sure we would have had the same outcome.  Not many can say they got into their dream school, let alone with a scholarship!

We appreciate Ms. Bennett so much that we decided to follow her and hire her as a private counselor for our second child. She has been amazing, understanding, and patient. She understands what my son needs, and respects him and his individuality. She listens to the child and the family and she makes the process seamless. 

As a very busy household that only wants the best for their children, I highly recommend Ms. Bennett without any reservations. They say it takes a village, and I am happy she is part of our tribe!