Mary Simon Testimonials

Mary Simon
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We were extremely satisfied with the service we received for our daughter’s college counseling at International College Counselors. Mary Simon was our counselor, she is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is also very caring and passionate about her job and her students. The year we worked with her was one of the most challenging years for college admissions. Mary put extra time and effort in supporting us through this long process and her guidance and knowledge about the college admission process played a major role in the positive outcomes for our daughter. She is very professional and at the same time very pleasant to work with. We strongly recommend the International College Counselors and Mary Simon.

bahareh keshavarz-wolfs
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We have worked with ICC, and Mary Simon personally, for guiding our daughter in the complex process of selecting and applying for college this past year. Her work was exceptional, and it made a world of difference to us, to have someone with the knowledge and skills that Mary and ICC have. Very happy, and highly recommend their services!

giovanna currlin
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The opportunity to work with Mary Simon was a game changer! The whole process seemed very overwhelming for all of us and having Mary’s guidance and support every step of the way was instrumental. She met with our daughter on a regular basis, helping her figure out the path she wanted to take and based on that, what colleges made the most sense to focus on. She was available to meet with her beyond the scheduled times as questions came up. She was also always willing to jump on a Zoom call with me (parent) and was very responsive to my many emails. From the parent perspective, I greatly appreciated Mary’s positive attitude, patience, sense of humor, and depth of knowledge. Mary is a professional that you can trust. She will guide your child in the right direction. Our daughter has received several acceptances so far, and we have Mary to thank for that!

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Mary Simon was a fantastic counselor. As a parent, I was able to distance myself and let Mary take charge – she made this process run smoothly and eliminated conflict between me and my daughter. From my daughter’s perspective, Mary “clarified a confusing process,” and made it so “it wasn’t stressful at all”. Mary was always responsive…and even after my daughter got into her first choice school. And having ICC run multiple eyes over the final application was a cherry on top!

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When I started my college application journey, I was blown away by all the options and information to digest before I even got started on writing my essays. I would like to personally thank my counselor, Mary Simon, for being a constant source of information, reassurance and guidance throughout the process. She went above and beyond, being it compiling lists and data on institutions of interest to tirelessly making sure when ever it was time to submit an application, I had presented resume and skills in the best possibly way. With the conjoined efforts of her…and the rest of the ICC team, the feedback and advice I received on my essays was always enlightening and pushed me in ways I hadn’t even considered. Without Mary, I doubt I would have been able to navigate the process as smoothly. As I write this, I have received 8 college acceptances, some of them from schools I had never considered but through Mary’s extensive knowledge, I immediately resonated with. I truly recommend International College Counselors to anyone who might find the road to college daunting. I’m truly glad to have had this help and consulting throughout this past year.

sosa Atypical
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Mary was my counselor and the college process was so smooth and stress free because of her. She really kept me on top of deadlines and made everything super clear, when otherwise it all is pretty confusing. Now I’m going to my dream school!

sabina siebott