Beth Barteletti Testimonials

A mere “thank you” does not seem sufficient at the moment! The ICC team, and especially Beth, have been incredibly helpful throughout [my son’s] application process. Thankfully, we have 1 deferral and 5/5 acceptances–including THE ONE acceptance that mattered (Hook’em 🤘🏻🧡). For us, this was the second (& final) go around through the process and once again Beth’s knowledge, professionalism, guidance, patience, and kindness were instrumental in our survival these last few months. She’s wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for everything! We appreciate Beth and the entire ICC team and wish you all well. 


My college application process with Beth started in my sophomore year of high school, and every moment working with her has been nothing but positive. Not only does she show joy in her work, as well a wide breadth of knowledge in the college admissions game, and writing skills nothing short of perfect, but a true passion for providing the best for her students in education, applications, interviews, and all the nuances this process entails.

Going into this process fairly blind, Beth was a very comforting person to lean on, educate me and my family on the world of college admissions, and an amazing advisor who always has an answer to my questions. The professionalism, competence, and integrity she processes are truly special and unfortunately quite rare, making Beth among the strongest of college counselors.

Beth was able to harness my abilities to create the best application possible. The number of acceptances would most definitely be much lower without Beth’s help. Her talents also branch off into scholarships. I have been recognized by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Elks Scholarship, Silver Knight, and GE-Reagan Education Foundation to name a few, and with these Beth is able to co-pilot the process flawlessly. She has shown her competence and experience again and again, and with amazing grace.

Beth works with the utmost passion and knowledge. I could not ask anymore from her and because of her I will be enjoying a full ride at the top neuroscience research institute in the world and have formed a professional relationship with a benevolent, charismatic, and intelligent person. Look no further for your counselor; Beth is your person!

2021 Senior

We met a few years back when my sister referred us to ICC as we started the college process for my daughter. At that time, you paired us with Beth, and since then we’ve been in the thick of it. All of it…even the chaos of applying during the pandemic.

[Daughter] submitted her applications and therefore, I wanted to send you an email to say thank you to ICC but to especially praise Beth! I am intentionally sending the email today – because regardless of whether or not [Daughter] gets into her dream school ( 🤞🤘🙏) Beth has been amazing!!!!!!!! I’m sure you know what a thorough, knowledgeable, persistent, responsive, skillful, and committed professional she is. But above all else, I hope you also know that Beth is incredibly kind, gentle, and reassuring to both the students and parents. To quote my daughter…”She is an angel”!

So again, thanks to all of ICC for all your help! And now…we’ll take your prayers for many admissions!


Debbie A, Parent of 2021 Senior

My wife and I would like to thank you for your guidance during Christopher’s college application process. Your counseling has gone beyond just application and will surely have lasting impact in Christopher’s life. We are grateful. I am sure we will cross paths in the years to come.

As today is officially Commitment Day, it also marks the end of our last College Application process as a family. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did, helping him keep organized, focused and, quite frankly, sane through it all. No doubt it made MY life so much easier, having only to “supervise”, instead of push, and check instead of review in depth. We will always be grateful to you for your assistance and stewardship to his success in achieving his goal and, who knows?, maybe we’ll come back to you for Grad School.

I just wanted you to know what a godsend Beth has been for us going through the college app process. She truly cares about the kids she works with, and has talked me off the ledge more than a few times. This is not an easy process, but she seems to have the demeanor to deal with teenagers. I appreciate all of the work she has done and that ICC has done as well.

As a first-generation college student and as someone from an immigrant family, I did not know what to expect when it came to the college admissions process, and I certainly did not feel prepared. Beth’s advising was instrumental to my successful college application cycle. Beth was well-informed and very helpful, always making time for me and answering my questions in a timely manner. When I felt stressed out or overwhelmed, she would calm me down and help me think of a plan to address whatever issue I was facing, and assure me that it would all be fine. Beth helped me prepare my application, craft my list of schools, proofread essays, provided information and advice on standardized testing, scheduled college visits, etc. Paying for college was a big worry of mine, and Beth helped me apply for financial aid, and identify and apply for scholarships. I do not know how I would have gotten through the college admissions process without Beth, and I certainly would not have been as successful without her. I was admitted to every school I applied to and received numerous scholarship offers.

Beth helped me all throughout high school achieve my endeavors and excel far beyond my expectations. As I took a gap year between high school and college to live abroad, it would have been easy to fall behind in my studies and applications; however, she was there every step of the way. She is an exceptional advisor and a wonderful positive person to be around! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.

As a non-traditional high school student, Ms. Barteletti was only my college counselor at American Heritage School for a single year, and yet in that time I quickly grew to know, love and respect her. Returning to school after having taken a year off to dance professionally was not easy, and Ms. Barteletti went above and beyond to make sure I was adjusting well to the school environment. Ms. Barteletti truly cares for each individual student, which is evident in everything she does. During my college search, she was wholeheartedly dedicated to choosing the right school for me personally, rather than trying to base my choice on statistics or numerical ratings. I could not recommend anyone else with more love or gratitude as when I count the blessings returning to school has brought me, I count her twice.

Beth could not have been more helpful, honest and ALWAYS available. Almost three years later it still amazes me the lengths she went to in order to make my daughter’s ED school become a reality – which it did. Being an Admissions Ambassador for my Ivy League alma mater I am more aware of the college enrollment process than most parents but nothing will ever prepare me (nor will I ever forget being blessed with Beth as our counselor) for Beth’s all-in philosophy when it comes to matching high schoolers with their own best colleges or universities. I can’t stress how during this very tense and nerve-racking time how you should run (not walk) to get Beth’s assistance as she will calm you and your child down and guide you to a great school that is the right place/fit for your child.

2019 Senior