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A personal college advisor can provide the individualized attention any student needs to properly tackle the graduate or undergraduate college admission process. Whether your student is the first person in the family to go to college or comes from a long line of Ivy League graduates, the dedicated advisors at International College Counselors can give your student the tools to find and get into the college of their dreams.

The ICC Difference

What can an International College Counselors advisor do that no one else can?

  • Give personalized, one-on-one consulting time, focused on the student’s individual goals
  • Help coordinate college tours, college selection, and college applications to relieve family stress and maximize results
  • Reveal available avenues for scholarships and financial aid
  • Share unbiased information on a wide range of colleges and graduate programs
  • Communicate facts and information on what it takes for admission into the nation’s most competitive schools

Competition for acceptance to colleges and universities is at an all-time high. It helps to have someone assist you with the time, expertise and commitment to ensure that you get where you want to go!

Our Services

College Counseling

Each International College Counselors service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and child, followed by a review of applicable academic information and completion of the Student/Family profile.


Graduate school

With the Comprehensive Graduate Plan, students have a personal advisor from International College Counselors taking them through the entire admission process. Expert Advisors help students applying to Business School, Medical School, Law School, Graduate, Masters and PhD Programs, Dental School and other graduate programs.



International College Counselors is the leader in helping international students get into U.S. universities. With International College Counselors help, hundreds of students from over 30 countries have successfully gained admission into the top U.S. colleges and universities.


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At your free initial consultation, we will discuss your child’s academic history and review their college admission goals, then discuss how International College Counselors can best help you achieve them.

How it works

The college application process is daunting and complex, but you don’t have to do it alone. Work with one of ICC’s experienced counselors to receive guidance and reduce stress.

Why ICC?

As a team, we all share the common goal of putting our clients’ needs first. We share resources on schools, admissions strategies and college contacts. 

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98% of International College Counselors’ Class of 2023 were accepted to one of the top 100 US colleges as reported by US News & World Report.

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