Jon Megerian Testimonials

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This is Susan; we spoke a couple of months ago. As you know, my daughter, Elena and I have been working with Jon Megerian on your team since about mid-September.

I’m very happy to inform you that Elena was just accepted at Northeastern University, her first choice and her Early Decision application. She is elated, and my husband and I are very happy for her, and of course, very relieved.  😊

I’m writing to express my gratitude for all of Jon’s work and to provide you feedback on our experience of working with him. Jon was really a pleasure to work with, but more importantly, he was spot-on effective at working with Elena. He established a positive but serious rapport with her, steered her to the right choices during the process, and ensured that her applications were of the best quality possible. Jon was flexible and available when needed and really came through for us. I enjoyed every interaction with him.

As you may recall, I contacted you when it was frankly almost too late in the overall college application process!  That was our bad, as Elena had steadfastly refused outside assistance. Not until she had decided that she needed to re-write her personal statement (having written one over the summer that she decided to summarily reject), was it possible to even discuss working with a consultant with her.  And not until she and I realized how far behind the proverbial 8-ball we were, was I able to convince her to schedule appointments with Jon. In the meantime I had committed quickly to working with your company which I was praying would work out!

So Jon had a lot of catch-up to do, but he was very calm and reassuring while we were both stressing out like crazy.  He told us that, yes, we were a bit late, but that there absolutely was time. And he helped Elena get everything done with the least friction and wasted effort. I’m really glad that Liz suggested I contact you.

Thank you again. I am happy to provide a reference for International College Counselors and/or for Jon if you ever need one.