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7 Trends in College Admissions 

7 Trends in College Admissions 

The college admissions landscape changes every year. And with every change comes new plans, challenges, and opportunities to consider.  Here are seven trends the advisors at International College Counselors are helping families navigate in 2023.  1. Colleges are still experimenting with SAT/ ACT requirements. SAT or ACT scores are no longer required by approximately 80% of four-year…

Tips on College Admissions for Students with Learning Differences

Roughly 14% of public school students have a learning difference. Many of those students can—and do—thrive in college. But first, students with learning differences, like any student, need to navigate the college admissions process. Here are some tips on college admissions for students with learning differences. How to Find Colleges that Accommodate Learning Differences and…

Juniors: Take your Standardized Tests

International College Counselors strongly recommends that high school juniors plan to take their standardized tests, including the ACT, SAT, TOFEL and Subject Tests, this year. Expert college counselors at International College Counselors have a number of reasons why waiting until the fall can hurt a high school junior who wants to get into a university. Get further expert college admissions help on tests by calling ICC to get the name and number of a person who can help your student with test prep.