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Eight Reasons to Hire an Independent College Advisor

Eight Reasons to Hire an Independent College Advisor

As colleges get more and more selective about the students they admit, high schoolers and their parents are feeling more stressed. Adding to the pressure is the news about high achievers whose applications have been turned down by very competitive colleges. This knowledge, plus knowing how to fill out the applications, choosing which high school…

11 Ways to Jump Start the College Admissions Process Your Junior Year

With the release of the new Common Application, the 2012-2013 college admissions cycle has officially started. From a college admissions point of view, the Junior year is the most important year of high school. Whatever college you plan to attend, a clear strategy will guide you toward your destination. Here are eleven tips from the…

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Clubs

Expert college counselor Mandee Adler Heller, president and CEO of International College Counselors, writes about opportunities Florida Virtual School (FLVS) students have to join clubs. These FLVS clubs allow students to explore interests outside their classes, meet other students, and experience “school” life. The online clubs and groups are only open to FLVS middle school and high school students who are active in at least one course.

2011 International College Counselors Scholarship

Every year International College Counselors International College Counselors has a scholarship competition. International College Counselors invite students in grade 9-12 from Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties and elsewhere to submit an essay that answers a question that can be found with the contest rules and submission information on International College Counselors website.