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The Florida Senate Passes the Bright Futures Scholarship Bill

The Florida Senate recently voted unanimously to expand the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, a statewide scholarship program for Florida college students. SB 4 will expand the amount of financial aid and scholarship money Florida students could receive under the program.  The proposed changes could cut the tuition bills of nearly 100,000 students this year. All…

Tips, Advice, and Information on Academic Merit Scholarships

Tips, Advice, and Information on Academic Merit Scholarships

What is an academic merit scholarship? Merit scholarships are scholarships awarded for achievement and are not financial need–based. They can be awarded on the basis of academic, athletic, artistic, or special interest merit. Academic merit scholarships are typically awarded by a college’s admissions office and are based on the key characteristics admissions officers look at:…

International College Counselors 2015 College Scholarship Essay Contest Kicks Off

International College Counselors is accepting entries for the 2015 International College Counselors High School Essay Contest. Four (4) college scholarships of $250 each will be awarded, three to students who attend school within Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County; and one to a student from outside the Florida tri-county area, including outside the United States….

Celebrate National 529 College Savings Day with Promotions, Sweepstakes and More

May 29 (5-29) is National 529 College Savings Plan Awareness Day. This designated day of the year is for celebrating the importance of preparing for future college expenses and the advantages of 529 College Savings Plans. For those unfamiliar with college savings, a 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or…