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FAFSA To Be Required for Florida Bright Futures effective July 1

Starting July 1, a completed FAFSA will be required from all students applying for and/or receiving a Bright Futures scholarship. This new law, applies to incoming freshman as well as students renewing their Bright Futures scholarships. Students who do NOT submit a FAFSA application will not receive their Bright Futures Scholarship money this fall.

How to Help your High School Junior

Mandee Heller Adler of International College Counselors offers tips to parents of students in their junior year of high school. These tips are choice tips from the expert, based in Miami college advisors who work at International College Counselors. The college preparation tips are to prepare the students for college admissions. College advisors at International College Counselors have offices in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county and work with students domestic and international.

How to Help your High School Freshman. Tips from International College Counselors.

Many parents ask our expert college counselors at International College Counselors how early their students need to start preparing for the college admissions process. The answer from our expert college counselors: as soon as possible, especially if your student is looking at competitive schools. The secret is to make the process fun. And not stress…

Homework for Mom and Dad

Filling out financial aid forms is not easy. There are a lot of details and financial jargon to know. The expert college counselors at International College Counselors recommend that parents do the filling out of the forms. Mistakes can delay an application and can end up costing your student money. Mandee Heller Adler and our expert college counselors offer a link to a site that can help you avoid the most common types of mistakes.

Starting the School Year Right

Expert college advisor Mandee Heller Adler offers words of advice for starting off the school year right. All students, from freshmen to seniors, and even international students, can benefit from the help the expert college advisors at International College Counselors offer. When it comes to high school, it’s important to make every year count!