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10 New Year Resolutions for Parents of High School Students

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
New Year’s means new beginnings.  For parents of high school students who are planning to attend college, high school brings significant challenges and changes, many of which can be positive.  Below are some New Year’s resolutions to help you, and your college bound high school student, make this year a great one.

  1. Keep the college process in perspective. Going to college is only one part of your student’s life.  Plus, where your student goes to college is less important than what your student does after going.  Students can be successful no matter what college they attend.
  2. Work on communication skills. Remember that your role in your student’s life will be changing.  Try to listen more to your high school student and keep open and honest lines of communication going.  This will especially be helpful when your student moves away for college.
  3. Lower the stress. Students are anxious enough about the college admissions process By relaxing, you’ll help your student relax.
  4. Try to set realistic goals. If your student’s grades and-or standardized test scores are not high enough for a dream college, revise your plan, as necessary.  If your goals are not realistic, you’ll only be disappointed. There are many great fit schools out there and International College Counselors can help match your student up with the best one for him or her.
  5. Provide support and encouragement. If your child is looking to apply to college, make sure deadlines for scholarships, internships, summer programs, standardized tests, etc. are met. If your child gets accepted to college, celebrate the accomplishment and then watch for “Senioritis.” This is a real issue and can be harmful if your child’s grades fall noticeably. Colleges reserve the right to withdraw offers should poor grades and/or discipline problems come to light.
  6. Teach your student life skills. Students going to college should know how to do their own laundry, cook a few simple dishes, handle money, manage a bank account and go grocery shopping, at the very least.
  7. Encourage your student to try something new. High school is a great time for students to explore their options and learn about themselves, their likes and dislikes. Internships, classes, clubs, jobs and sports can all help in the self-discovery process. Students are not expected to leave high school knowing exactly what they want to do, but this is a chance to start narrowing down any interests. People never know what they like – or how good they are at something – until they give it a try.
  8. Get help. If your student is slipping in any classes or can do better on a standardized achievement test, hire a tutor to help, or seek instruction online. There are many free resources out there. Need help choosing classes, extracurriculars, and-or finding the right colleges for your student to apply to, speak to one of our experienced education consultants at International College Counselors.
  9. Be excited for your student. Whatever college a student attends, there will be new people to meet, new things to learn, and great times to be had!
  10. Treat yourself nicely. Navigating the high school years and the college admissions process are stressful for most all families.

HAPPY 2016!