10 Reasons Parents Of High School Students Are Thankful

Thanksgiving is here and there is a lot to be thankful for.  Students are thankful that the school year is almost half way over and there are two long breaks coming up.  Parents are thankful for their children, especially the students who have done the following:


1.  Set goals and achieve them. This shows a teenager can handle responsibility and is ready for the independence that comes with college life.


2.  Manage time well and stay organized.  Thanks to the kids who keep a calendar and pay attention to application and scholarship deadlines.


3. Keep their grades up. Colleges look at a student’s entire high school academic record when making admissions decisions. Parents know the higher a GPA, the better the chances of getting accepted to a college of choice, the fewer the tears.


4. Prepare for standardized tests.  There are no secret tricks to getting good scores on the SAT and ACT except to work hard.


5.  Do something new. Colleges look at how a student chooses to spend their time outside of school.  This is the time students can try new things and explore fields of study. Parents love when their children find something they love to do.


6. Commit to things. Admissions officers want to see evidence of commitment to activities and leadership. Captain, president, editor, mentor, counselor, founder, coordinator and similar titles are all ones colleges like to see and parents are thankful to brag about.


7. Take initiative.  Parents appreciate when their students look into college courses, online courses, internships, job shadowing, community service and any other activities that will get them ahead.


8. Save parents money.  Parents appreciate when their students look into scholarships and apply to them.  They are also thankful that students keep their grades up for federal/state scholarships.


9.  Take school seriously. After all these years nurturing a student through school, it kills parents to see their kids blowing it in the home stretch.


10. Stay positive and banish self-doubt.  Parents view their child as best/smartest/ funniest/most talented.  They want their kids to know they’re #1 too.


The advisors at International College Counselors are thankful for working with so many amazing students with so many extraordinary talents and personalities. Happy Thanksgiving to all!




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