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2022 Updates from FSU, UCF, UF, FSU and Other Florida Public Universities

Florida’s higher education system is frequently ranked as one of the best in the country. The State University System (SUS) of Florida includes 12 member institutions: UF, FSU, USF, UCF, FAU, FGCU, FIU, UNF, Florida Poly, New College of Florida, UWF, and FAMU. Last week, the college advisors at International College Counselors got updates on Florida public universities by attending three invitation-only admissions workshops for the Florida SUS and heard from officials at all 12 of the Florida public institutions. 

Below are some workshop highlights on the Florida public universities. And for more information about the Florida public universities, join us on September 21 at 7 pm EST for a free webinar.  



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.9-4.4; Summer GPA: 3.8-4.3

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1250-1370; Summer 1150-1270; ACT: Fall 26-30; Summer 23-27


UCF received more than 53,000 applications last year and enrolled 2,673 students for the summer and approximately 4,900 students for the fall, including 86 National Merit Scholars. US News honored UCF as one of the Top 15 Most Innovative Schools in the U.S. Among its other honors and rankings, UCF is the Number 1 supplier of graduates to the aerospace and defense industries according to Aviation Week Network, and The Rosen College of Hospitality Management continues to be ranked among the best hospitality and hotel management schools in the world. UCF will be opening a new 90,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art nursing building soon. The UCF LEAD Scholars Academy continues to be a competitive two-year academic leadership development program for first-year students. The program emphasizes academics, community service, and leadership and offers its students unique services and opportunities. UCF continues to offer the UCF Top 10 Knights program, a scholarship awarded to Florida high school students ranked in the top 10% of their senior class and who have earned a 1100 SAT/22 ACT score. UCF participates in Rolling Admissions and will start reading applications in the next two weeks. Students are encouraged to apply early.  



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 4.4-4.6; Summer GPA: 4.4-4.6

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1370-1500; Summer 1240-1420; ACT: Fall 31-34; Summer 28-32 


Last year, UF received a record number 66,000 applications, and welcomed approximately 6,600 freshmen this fall. UF continues to increase its enrollment of low-income students, minority students, and first-generation students. Students have a lot to choose from at UF as the school has 1,000+ student organizations, 120+ undergraduate majors, and 319 study abroad opportunities. Students may gain admission to UF through different pathways including the Innovation Academy (IA), a spring/summer program that embeds an innovation minor in 28 majors; PaCE, a hybrid program where students start their first two years of classes online, and then finish their degree on campus; as well as summer and fall admissions. The Innovation Academy is getting more competitive, and students must mark on their application that they’re interested in IA, while the PaCE program consideration is automatic. The Office of Admissions selects students to participate in UF Promise, a program that provides additional scholarly support and enrichment for success at UF. Approximately 3,200 students are enrolled in the Honors Program, and a new Honors Village will open in fall 2023 which will combine living, advising, dining, coursework, recreation and more in the new living/learning community. Students must complete one supplemental essay to be considered for the Honors Program. For general admission, the school must receive a student’s ACT/SAT test scores by December 1. Students can update test scores, if they get a higher score, but the school must have a score on file by December 1. UF will be releasing admissions decisions on February 24, 2023. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.73-4.33; Summer GPA: 3.23-3.81

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1100-1270; Summer: 1000-1120; ACT: Fall: 23-29; Summer 20-24 

Wilkes Honors College – GPA: 4.14-4.48; SAT: 1220-1360; ACT: 26-31


FAU received approximately 35,000 applications last year, accepted 19,000 students, and welcomed 4,400 freshmen. This past year, FAU saw several accomplishments including the women’s beach volleyball team earning a historic #8 ranking, the diplomacy team winning 1st place at a national Diplomacy Competition, and the school being named #2 Best Value in Florida. The Direct Admit Nursing Program and the Pre-Architecture programs are both very competitive and prestigious programs. FAU is working on a FAU Health Network, a collaboration of local health care systems, and will make more announcements about the partnerships soon. The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter, FL, is the nation’s only full-immersion honors college that is part of a comprehensive research university. For students interested in STEM who need help adjusting to the rigors of college math, FAU offers a STEM Bridge Program. This program will admit 600 students and helps supports students’ goals in STEM fields. The school recently received the largest scholarship gift in its history; the Kelly/Strul Emerging Scholars Program will offer academically talented, first generation, low-income students a full ride, academic support and mentorship. For all prospective students, FAU has a new November 1 priority deadline.  

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (USF), Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee


Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 4.00-4.50; Summer 3.62-4.12 

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1240-1390; Summer 1100-1190; ACT: Fall 27-31; Summer 22-25 


Over 65,000 students applied to USF last year (a 30% increase) and the school welcomed 6,900 freshmen, the largest class. The school has three campuses (Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee) and is home to more than 50,000 students across the campuses. USF also welcomed a new president this year Rhea Law. Students may study one of over 200 majors, and new majors this year include Supply Chain Management and Environmental Engineering. Students may engage in more than 600+ clubs and organizations across the three campuses. The Tampa campus boasts many unique and useful features including a Publix, three hospitals, a botanical garden, hotel, and a riverfront park; a new wellness center will be opening soon as well as a new facility that will house the Judy Genshaft Honors College. A note of interest for future entrepreneurs and investors: USF was ranked #8 nationally among universities for U.S. patents granted. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.75-4.52; Summer 3.56-4.33

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1090-1240; Summer 1010-1170; ACT: Fall 21-27; Summer 19-24 


FGCU is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The school has approximately 16,000 students and prides itself on small class sizes. FGCU students may choose from 64 undergraduate majors; new majors include a BA in Digital Media Design, a BS in Physics, and a BS in Entrepreneurship. Service Learning and Environmental Sustainability are woven into curriculum, and students are required to have 80 hours of service learning to graduate. The Water School recently opened as part of FGCU, and it allows students to focus on key areas like climate change, natural resources, ecosystem health, and more. With initiatives like these, it’s no wonder that FGCU has the second highest employment rate among Florida institutions. FGCU ranks No. 1 in undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in Florida (The Princeton Review, Entrepreneur magazine) and recently opened Lucas Hall in the School of Entrepreneurship to enable more students to develop new products and businesses. The Honors College has significantly grown and now houses 1,000 students. FGCU housing includes five resort-style options, and freshmen always have their own bedrooms. The school also enhanced the recreation and wellness center, and will be adding an indoor track soon.  



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA – Fall 4.0-4.7; Summer 3.8-4.5

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1290-1410; Summer 1140-1250; ACT: Fall 27-32; Summer 22-27


At Florida Poly, the state’s only polytechnic university, students find themselves immersed in STEM core from day 1. Florida Poly saw a 31% increase in applications this past year and enrolled approximately 1,600 students in the fall. Every student at Florida Poly earned an internship before they graduated at companies which included Disney, Citibank, NASA, Simens, Charles Schwab, and Amazon.com. The school boasts a 16:1 faculty ratio with students working alongside faculty to perform cutting-edge, high-tech research. A brand new $47 million research building which includes teaching labs, design spaces, conference rooms, and faculty offices recently opened, and the school is opening new dorms in the fall of 2024 and fall of 2025, doubling the number of beds on campus. More clubs, organizations, teams, and activities were also added. The school has plans to build an environmental engineering building. Florida Poly believes in exploration, creation, and implementation, and seeks students who are strong in academics, inquisitive, creative, leaders, and thinkers. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 4.3-4.6; Summer 4.1-4.5

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1300-1430; Summer 1210-1320; ACT: Fall 29-32; Summer 26-29


This year, FSU received over 78,000 applications, which is a 169% increase since 2016. The school admitted 19,000 students, and 6,100 enrolled. FSU has a 95% retention rate for the 2nd year and a 74% 4-year graduation rate. Over $1 billion is being invested in campus renovation including for a new 5-story academic health center. A brand-new student union opened up which has a food court and a 12-lane bowling alley. New majors include Human Rights and Social Justice; Materials Chemistry; and Financial Planning (Panama City campus). FSU offers the CARE Summer Bridge Program that provides supportive transitioning assistance for first generation and Pell-Grant students, and students should check the box on their application if they are interested in this. Students interested in the Honors Program should mark on their application that they are interested in this program. FSU is offering Early Action for Florida students only with an October 15th deadline. Everything must be complete by October 15th to be eligible for this option. Students should apply for the term they wish to enroll at the University. Students are not automatically considered for the summer term if they are not eligible for the fall term. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA: 3.8-4.4

Standardized Tests: SAT 1110-1320; ACT 22-29 


New College of Florida is the state’s designated honors college. US News ranked the school in the Top 5 National Public Liberate Arts Colleges. New College has an average class size of 12 students, a 7:1 student to faculty ratio, and 700 total undergraduate students. Students should be intellectually curious – the ones who frequently ask questions – as classes are discussion based. New College offers 45+ areas of concentration (majors), but it’s common for students to create their own major. Additionally, New College has cross college alliances with schools including Ringling College of Art and Design for students passionate for art and design. Per capita, amongst public institutions, New College is the largest producer of students who go on to get a Ph.D. in STEM disciplines. Students’ report cards do not have numbers or letters, but rather include narrative evaluations and performance evaluations. With coaching from their faculty advisor, all students complete a Senior Capstone Project / Thesis. New College students are curious, independent, and take initiative. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 4.0-4.5; Summer 3.3-3.8

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1200-1320; Summer 1070-1190; ACT: Fall 22-28; Summer 21-24 


UNF is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The school welcomed a new president, Dr. Moez Limayem, and its largest and most diverse freshmen class of 3,200 students. UNF received 20,000 applications this year. New degree programs include Advanced Manufacturing as well as Africana Studies. Campus Pride named UNF the “Best of the best” for being highly inclusive of LGBTQ students. Approximately 77% of students participate in internships. UNF’s scholarship priority deadline is November 1. The School of Computing opened a new computer lab, and the UNF Arena is undergoing major renovations. Students may participate in more than 200 official clubs. Ten percent of its students belong to a sorority or fraternity. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 3.5-4.2; Summer 3.4-4.05 

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1050-1220; Summer 1050-1170; ACT: Fall 21-27; Summer 21-25 


Located in Pensacola, UWF’s campus has 1,600 acres and 20+ miles of trails. The school is home to 13,000+ students, making it large, but it retains its feeling of being close-knit. Fifty percent of classes have fewer than 20 students. Top majors include Nursing, General Business, and Biomedical Sciences. Students at UWF complete a Career Readiness Module to help with career identification and opportunities. There are various opportunities for students to gain mentoring and field work experience. The Florida Board of Governors named it the #1 Florida public university in percentage of bachelor’s graduates employed or furthering education a year after graduation. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.7; Summer GPA: 3.5

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1110; Summer 1020; ACT: Fall 18; Summer 16 


FAMU’s slogan this year is, “It’s our time.” The school was recently ranked the #1 Public HBCU and the #3 HBCU for Social Mobility. FAMU offers 50+ degrees in a wide range of academic programs, including pharmacy, nursing, journalism, health sciences, engineering, architecture, and business. Some of FAMU’s other unique offerings include a joint program with FSU for engineering and a competitive 3+3 Law Program. For students with low test scores, FAMU offers a Summer Bridge Program.  



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2022 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 4.2-4.7; Summer 3.9-4.4

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1250-1380; Summer 1070-1170; ACT: Fall 26-30; Summer 21-24


Opening in 1972, FIU is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. This year, too, the university welcomed 4,500 new students, one of the school’s largest freshmen classes. FIU is ranked #2 in the nation for International Business by US News, #1 in the nation for awarding bachelor’s degrees to minorities by Hispanic Outlook on Education magazine, and “Best College Food in Florida” by Niche. Students may engage in 200+ student clubs, including service learning and industry-specific development. FIU offers Top 10% Access: students who graduate from a Florida high school in the top 10% of their class will receive an admissions pathway. The student must take a standardized test, but will gain admission to one pathway regardless of their score. FIU offers on-campus housing;Tamiami Hall, a brand new 750-bed dorm, opened this year for upperclassmen.  

Notes for all

–       Some of the GPAs and standardized test scores listed in this document do not match the image / matrix, i.e., FAU, FSU, UNF and UWF. This document has been updated with more recent information than the image.  

–       Housing: Students should apply for housing as early as possible. With housing costs increasing in Florida and limited housing on campus, students should not delay in submitting housing requests.

–       Letters of Recommendation: Do not send letters of recommendation, except to FAMU and New College  

–       Including parts to your application that were not requested will slow your process down.

–       The Florida public universities do not care if you take AP, AICE or dual enrollment. Remember if you do badly in a dual enrollment class, these grades will stay with you. Only take them if you’re ready. Also, do not take a step back. If you take AP Calculus, do not then take Dual Enrollment Calculus later on. This is a red flag.