7 Last Minute Tips on Choosing a College

Your student has been accepted to more than one college.  First, congratulations!   Then the, oh no…which college should my child choose? May 1st is National Decision Day, the day that seniors need to pick their college. Here are some quick tips on helping your senior choose which college to attend:
1. Revisit your shortlist  
Sit down with your student and reflect on why each school seemed to be a good fit.
2. Rank your priorities
With your student, make a list of the pros and cons of each college, from school size to desired diversity to athletic programs.  Then each of you should rank each pro and con in order of importance to you. Compare what points you each find most critical and compare them to what each college in play really offers.
3. Do a virtual tour of the school
If you visited the college, a virtual visit will conjure up memories. Listen to what your intuition says.
4. Consider the financials
Review any financial aid and scholarship offers. Consider which colleges will help your student reach their goals without getting you or your child into a financial hole.
5. Focus on your academic goals
Have your child research the professors and departments of his or her chosen major. Faculty and departments at a smaller school can be stronger and more prestigious for certain fields than ones at a larger ranked school. Some schools like M.I.T. have super strong programs for those interested in STEM but may not be right for someone interested in literature. If your child’s major is undecided, a larger university may be better as it could allow them to explore the widest variety of fields.
6. Seek out recommendations and opinions 
Students and parents should speak to those around you: your counselors, teachers, and-or family friends. Look on the web.  Many past and present students have something to say. Though, keep in mind, opinions are just that: opinions.
7. Compromise
Share your concerns with your student and listen to theirs. Offer insight into your student’s options without becoming domineering.
Ultimately, families should do what is best for them.
Still need help deciding which college to attend? College advisors at ICC can help you and your student with the pros and cons. Email your International College Counselors advisor or call 954-414-9986.