8 Tips for Winning College Scholarships

Can you make a short movie on the dangers of distracted driving?  Are you a leader? Are you tall?  There is a scholarship for you!  Even if your grades aren’t stellar. Scholarships are specified for students based on grade, ethnicity, religion, personalities, hobbies, choice of majors, family history, types of service projects, organizations, skills, ability to answer essay questions and more. Here’s one offered by International College Counselors: https://bit.ly/36drjwQ
Getting a scholarship is equivalent to earning free money.   
Here are some tips for finding a scholarship and maximizing the power of your application.
1. Sign up with a free online scholarship search. A number of specialized websites ask you to answer a few questions and then will match you with many potential sources for free college money. To make scholarship searches even easier, these sites allow you to save, organize and update your search activity. Specialized sites for free online scholarship searches include: 
All clients of International College Counselors receive a monthly list of scholarships. Students should also check with their high school counselor about scholarships. 
2. Apply for local scholarships, like the one from International College Counselors. Fewer students will be applying to these. 
3. Apply for scholarships with smaller awards.  The awards with bigger prizes are the ones that receive the most applicants. The smaller scholarships have fewer applicants. A lot of small awards can add up fast. 
4. Apply for scholarships that fit your talents and interests.  These will be more enjoyable to enter and, if there is an essay or project you need to complete, you’ll finish them with less contempt. For example, if you like making films, the scholarships that ask for a video will be fun to do. 
5. Don’t repeat the essay prompt. Be original and try to set yourself apart from the others.  Writing scholarship essays is great practice for writing college admissions essays.  
6. Follow the rules. If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements, don’t apply for the scholarship.  You’ll just be wasting your time.  If a video should be less than 5 minutes make sure it’s under 5 minutes.  If an essay is 200 words, don’t write a 250-word essay.  
7. Don’t wait for the last minute. You can never be certain the website, Internet or computer will be working.
8. Apply for as many scholarships as possible.  The more scholarships you apply for, the more chances you have to win! Think of it like a job and set aside some time each month to apply.   Even when you’re in college, keep looking for scholarships.  There are many out there which will give you free money
Scholarships require time and effort to find and apply for, but it’s worth it!
Start early!  Start now!
Need help with a scholarship essay or want help applying to colleges, contact International College Counselors at 1-954-414-9986 or  www.internationalcollegecounselors.com