Admission Stats for the Class of 2022

Admission Stats for the Class of 2022

Many of the most highly selective colleges in the U.S. released their total admission statistics for the Class of 2022.  As always, significantly more students applied than were accepted. And this year, it was harder than ever to get in.

What this also means is that more students were waitlisted.  If you are on a waitlist, contact your college advisor at International College Counselors for next steps on what to do.   If you are not a client, visit Editthework.com for help writing a waitlist letter.  At Cornell University for example, 6,684 students have a place on the waitlist as of March 28, 2018.

Below is a chart of some of the Class of 2022 acceptance data released by a sample of different highly selective schools.

College/ University
Total # of Applications Received
# of Accepted Applicants
Overall Acceptance Rate including Early Decision/Action
Boston University 64,472 3,300 22%
Brown 35,438 1,742 7.2%
Colby 12,313 1,602 13%
Columbia 20,203 2,214 5.5%
Dartmouth 22,033 1,925 8.7%
Duke 37,390 3,097 8.3%
Harvard 42,749 1,962 4.6%
Johns Hopkins 29,128 2,894 10%
MIT 21,706 1,464 7%
NYU 75,000+ 15,722 19%
Northwestern 40,425 3,392 8.4%
Penn 44,482 3,731 8.4%
Princeton 35,370 1,941 5.5%
Stanford 47,450 2,040 4.3%
Tulane 40,632 Not reported 17%
University of Southern California 64,256 8,258 13%
U of Virginia 37,222 9,850 25.5%
Vanderbilt* 30,146 2,199 7.3%
Washington U in St. Louis 31,300+ Not reported 15%
Yale 35,306 2,229 6.3%

* Regular decision applicants

Looking at the press releases from schools, students were accepted from almost every country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. It’s a global, competitive world. Congratulations to all students who are college bound!

For those who were waitlisted, here’s an interesting list to see from the Princeton Review. The Waitlist List shows the number of applicants offered a place on schools’ waitlists and the number of students admitted.

For more information on waitlists or for other information on college admissions, visit http://www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or call 954 414-9986.
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