Class of 2027 College Admissions Statistics

Photo which shows colleges that have college admissions statistics 2023 for the class of 2027.

Class of 2027 College Admissions Statistics from the Ivy League and Other Colleges

Colleges across the U.S. released their admissions statistics for the college Class of 2027. As always, significantly more students applied than were accepted. And this year, it was harder than ever to get in.

Below is a chart outlining this year’s results at a number of U.S. colleges (– indicates the college has not released this data).

Congratulations to all our students and those worldwide who were accepted!

College/ UniversityTotal # of Apps Received# Accepted Regular Decision# Accepted Early Decision (ED)/ Early Action (EA)/ Restrictive Early Decision (REA)# Accepted TotalOverall Acceptance Rate
Amherst College12,7001,143 approx.9%
Barnard11,803767 approx.6.5%
Boston College36,5255,51115%
Brown University51,3021,730879 ED2,6095.1%
Columbia University57,1292,2463.9%
Cornell University3,3241,670 ED4,9947.3%
Dartmouth28,8411,173578 ED1,7516.2%
Duke49,4692,148800 ED2,9486%
Emory/ Oxford College33,534Emory: 3,428Oxford: 3,335Both: 1,37616% approx.
Florida State71,78817,06623.7%
Georgetown25,5192,299964 EA13%
Georgia Tech52,3303,000 approx.5,428 EA8,428 approx.16%
Harvard University56,9371,220722 REA1,9423.41%
Johns Hopkins1,592811 ED2,403
MIT26,914574685 EA1,2594.7%
Princetondoes not release data
Northwestern52,2253,656 approx.7%
Rice31,0491,913486 ED2,3997.7%
USC81,0005,5002,400 EA7,9009.8%
University of Pennsylvania59,000+
University of Virginia56,4392,1821,038 ED5,969 EA9,18916%
Yale52,2501,499776 REA2,2754.35%

Additional Admissions Statistics

Below are additional admissions statistics on the students admitted to Ivy League colleges. More information can be found at the links in the chart above.

Please know we did not forget the University of Florida. They did not release their data.

BrownAdmitted students come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, three U.S. territories, and 90 countries. Seventy-four students were admitted to the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME). Twenty students were admitted to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program.

Cornell: Admitted students come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, four U.S. territories, and 114 nations outside the U.S. No further data was released.

Columbia: Admitted students are from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, five U.S. territories, and 101 countries. Over half of the members of the admitted class were offered need-based financial aid.

Dartmouth: Admitted students come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, three U.S. territories, and 75 countries. Fifty-six percent of those admitted attend a public school or charter high school.

Harvard:  Close to 29.9% of accepted students are Asian; 15.3% are African American or Black. Latinx students comprise 11.3% of admitted students, and the percentage of Native American students is 2%. Women constitute at least half the admitted class with 53.6% of accepted students identifying as female. Thirty-two students identify as nonbinary. Admitted students come from all 50 states and 102 countries. Of the admitted students, an estimated 19% are eligible for Pell Grants, the highest percentage yet. The school also increased the threshold for full financial assistance to $85,000 (total household income).

Princeton: Does not release data.

University of Pennsylvania:  Does not release more data.

Yale: Admitted students come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, four U.S. territories, and 78 countries.