Give a Gift with Limitless Value: A College Advisor

A photo which reflects college advisor South Florida at International College Counselors recommendation of the invaluable gift of a college advisor.

This season, spread joy and make a meaningful impact on the future of someone you love. Consider the invaluable gift of a college advisor – a present that offers more than just academic support; it provides peace of mind. A dedicated college advisor from International College Counselors can assist any student in achieving their aspirations for college, graduate school, or boarding school, ensuring they take confident steps towards their dreams.

Why choose International College Counselors for this unique gift?

2. Tailored attention: Our expert advisors offer personalized guidance throughout the entire admissions journey, catering to the unique needs and goals of each student.

3. Making the best college match: Extensive research helps identify the best-fit colleges or programs for your student, ensuring they find their ideal educational environment.

4. Comprehensive support: From class selections to extracurricular activities, internships, and beyond, we guide decisions to optimize the overall high school or college experience.

5. Keeping organized: We help students stay on track with deadlines, standardized testing, and essentials like recommendation letters, allowing them to focus on their studies and priorities.

6. Time Management: Our support frees up valuable time for students, allowing them to concentrate on their studies and other important aspects of their lives.

7. Application and Essay Assistance: We meticulously review applications and essays, offering expert feedback to craft compelling submissions.

8. Interview Preparation: Students can practice their college interviews with an expert, improving their confidence and readiness.

9. The Voice of Reason: Sometimes students need an unbiased guide – someone other than parents or grandparents – to offer advice and direction.

10. Academic Assistance: As needed, we connect students with academic resources, such as tutors, to prepare for admission.

11. Complete Application Support: We assist in completing and sending college applications, ensuring a smooth process.

This thoughtful present is perfect for your children, grandchildren, or any student you hold close to your heart. Our services extend beyond undergraduate colleges to include boarding schools and graduate programs, covering diverse fields like med school, law school, business school, and PhD programs.

For ICC clients with multiple children, don’t forget to inquire about our special $500 sibling discount for comprehensive packages.

As a special bonus, upon signing up now for a new, comprehensive package, International College Counselors will generously donate $100 to a charity of your choice. Whether it’s your student’s school, a non-profit they’re involved with, or any other charitable organization, the donation will be made in your name.

Secure the 2023 prices today! Contact International College Counselors at 1-954-414-9986 and gift the invaluable present of guidance and support this holiday season. No matter where a student is in the college admissions process, International College Counselors can help them with every step of the journey.