Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

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At International College Counselors, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of the changing admissions landscape. Through our “aim high” approach, we guide students to reach their academic and college goals. This year marks our 20th anniversary. We are filled with a deep sense of pride as we announce our admissions results for the Class of 2024, and most of all, showcase our students’ talent and dedication.

Class of 2024 (Comprehensive Packages only)
undergrad / grad students (100% of undergrads attending a 4-year school) 1,680 acceptances
3,511 submitted applications (2,829 net)
682 withdrawn applications after early acceptance
118 different institutions will be attended

Types of Applications Submitted
Early Decision, 59 Early Decision II 24 Restrictive Early Action
1,610 Early Action & Priority
1,347 Regular Decision
195 Rolling

The Class of 2024 received offers of admission to 288 different colleges and universities. Students working with our expert college advisors at International College Counselors were accepted to all eight Ivy League colleges, as well as other highly selective schools including MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, Duke, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt.

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