Congratulations to the Class of 2021

At International College Counselors, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of the changing admissions landscape. Through our “aim high” approach, we guide students to reach their academic and college goals. It is with pride that we announce our admissions results for the Class of 2021, and most of all, showcase our students’ talent and dedication with a snapshot of this year’s data.

Statistics from the Class of 2021 
272 undergrad students (100% attending a 4-year school)
1,102 acceptances
2,339 submitted applications (1,893 net)
446 withdrawn applications after early acceptance
101 different institutions will be attended

Types of Applications Submitted
122 Early Decision
31 Early Decision 2
21 Restrictive Early Action
739 Early Action
962 Regular Decision

131 Rolling

The Class of 2021 received offers of admission to 235 different colleges and universities. Once again, our students were accepted to all eight Ivy League colleges, as well as other top-tier schools including MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Northwestern and Vanderbilt.

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