Final Notification Dates for Students Enrolling in 2019



Your senior has done everything possible to get into college, and now there’s nothing left to do but wait.  Though it seems like this waiting period will never end, we promise it will.  Below we made a list of regular decision notification dates for 2019.  Each of the college’s name links to the admissions page.  If your school is missing from this list, you can go directly to the college’s website or email your International College Counselors college advisor.


American University Late March
Amherst College On or around April 1
Babson College By April 1
Barnard College Late March
Bates College By April 1
Boston College By April 1
Boston University Late March
Bowdoin Early April
Brandeis April 1
Brown University End of March
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Mid-March
Carleton College April 1
Carnegie Mellon University No later than April 15
Columbia University Late March
Cornell University Early April
Dartmouth College On or Before April 1
Davidson College April 1
Dickinson College Late March
Duke University April 1
Emory University By April 1
Florida State University By March 28
Georgetown University April 1
Hamilton College March 20
Harvard University Late March
Indiana University Bloomington March 1
Johns Hopkins University By April 1
Lehigh University Late March
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mid-March
New York University April 1
Northwestern University Late March
University of Notre Dame Late March
Pomona College By April 1
Princeton University Late March
Rice University By April 1
Stanford University By April 1
Swarthmore College By Mid-March
Syracuse University Late March
Tufts University By April 1
Tulane University April 1
University of California, Berkeley End of March
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) By March 31
University of Chicago Late March
University of Michigan April
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill End of March
University of Pennsylvania By April 1
University of Virginia End of March
Vanderbilt University Late March
Villanova University By April 1
Wake Forest University By April 1
Washington University, St. Louis April 1
Wellesley College Late March
Wesleyan University Late March
Williams College By April 1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute April 1
Yale University By April 1

Good luck to the Class of 2023! Further questions?  Contact us at International College Counselors.