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2023 State University System of Florida Updates: FSU, UCF, UF, USF and More Florida College Information!

This photo illustrates International College Counselors sharing of the latest Florida college information and updates from the State University System of Florida.

Florida’s higher education system is frequently ranked as one of the best in the nation. The State University System (SUS) of Florida includes 12 member institutions: UF, FSU, USF, UCF, FAU, FGCU, FIU, UNF, Florida Poly, New College of Florida, UWF, and FAMU. The college advisors at International College Counselors recently attended an invitation-only admissions workshop for the Florida SUS and heard new Florida college information from representatives from all 12 of the Florida public institutions. 

Below are some workshop highlights with the latest Florida college information. The highlights are a little random and in no particular order; it’s the Florida college information that the college representatives felt was important to share. If you have any questions about applying to any of the Florida public universities or gaining admission to them, contact us. Also, make sure to register for our free webinar about applying to the public universities in Florida here



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 4.1-4.5; Summer GPA: 3.9-4.3

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1260-1380; Summer 1170-1240; ACT: Fall 26-30; Summer 23-26


UCF received more than 54,000 applications last year and admitted 7,640 students to start the summer semester and 16,157 students for the fall semester. Approximately 5,000 new freshmen started this fall, 48% of whom are students of color. US News & World Report honored UCF as one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Schools in the U.S., it’s the #1 supplier of graduates to the aerospace and defense industries according to Aviation Week Network, and was ranked the #6 school for Video Game Design by Princeton Review. The UCF LEAD Scholars Academy is a competitive two-year academic leadership development program for first-year students. The program emphasizes academics, community service, and leadership and offers its students unique services and opportunities. Students must complete a separate application and register for an interview to be considered for the program. This year, UCF discontinued the UCF Top 10 Knights program, a scholarship awarded to Florida high school students ranked in the top 10% of their senior class. UCF’s Priority Application completion deadline for scholarship consideration is November 1, and the school will start releasing admissions decisions on November 15. Students are encouraged to apply early and apply to the term they want to enroll in, but UCF will offer other options if the student is eligible. UCF requires students to submit the SPARK (Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights) to be considered for admissions.  



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 4.4-4.6; Summer GPA: 4.4-4.6

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1370-1510; Summer 1240-1390; ACT: Fall 31-34; Summer 27-31 


Last year, UF received 66,866 applications, and admitted 12,742 freshmen to start the fall semester and 2,964 for the summer semester. The freshmen class includes 6,750 students, including 275 students in the Innovation Academy (IA). IA is a spring/summer program that embeds an innovation minor in 28 majors. Students must write an additional essay to be considered for IA. PaCE, a hybrid program where students start their first two years of classes online, and then finish their degree on campus, is another pathway of gaining admissions. UF offers 1,000+ student organizations, 120 undergraduate degrees, and 200 graduate degrees. UF is considered the 2nd most affordable college in the US for low-income students. UF only considers a student’s declared major if the student is applying for a Pathway Program (such as UF Online and PaCE) or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Students also have limited major options for the Pathway programs like PaCE and IA. UF Honors Program opened a new Honors Village this fall 2023 which combined living, advising, dining, coursework, recreation and more in the new living/learning community. Students must complete one supplemental essay for the Honors Program. UF will be releasing decisions on February 23, 2024. UF requires students to submit the SSAR (Self-reported Student Academic Record) to be considered for admission.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.70-4.30; Summer GPA: 3.58

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1090-1250; Summer: 1010-1150; ACT: Fall: 22-28; Summer 20-24 


FAU received 36,629 applications last year (a 9% increase), and accepted 17,727 students for the fall, and 4,280 students for the summer. The university welcomed 4,000 freshmen, including 190 in the Wilkes Honors College, which is the largest Honors College cohort. In 2023, the FAU Men’s Basketball team qualified for their first NCAA Final Four appearance. In 2026, FAU will open a new College of Dentistry, as well as a new residence hall. Students applying to the College of Nursing need to submit official standardized test scores from College Board or ACT; for other majors, students may self report their standardized test scores. Some deadlines include: priority applications: November 1; merit scholarships: January 15; housing: April 1. FAU requires students to submit the SSAR to be considered for admission.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (USF), Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee


Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 4.10-4.59; Summer 3.90-4.29 

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1250-1390; Summer 1100-1200; ACT: Fall 27-31; Summer 22-25 


USF has 50,000 students across its three campuses: Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee. A new major this year is Supply Chain Management, which equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in the supply chain industry. The Tampa campus opened a new 7,000 sq. ft. Student Health and Wellness building this year. This campus also boasts 30+ dining locations, an on-campus Publix, and Living Learning Communities (residential communities that provide a cohort experience with peers who share similar interests). The St. Pete location offers various water sports including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. The Sarasota-Manatee campus will open a new residence hall in 2024. Over 65,190 students applied to USF this past year, and the school admitted 9,067 students in the summer and 17,648 students in the fall. Students may partake in numerous internships and service-learning opportunities. USF prides itself in being ranked #11 nationally among public research universities for U.S. patents granted. Students may engage in more than 700 registered student organizations across the three campuses, offering something for everyone. USF requires students to submit the SSAR to be considered for admission.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.76-4.51; Summer 3.57-4.39

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1080-1230; Summer 1020-1180; ACT: Fall 21-26; Summer 19-24 


FGCU welcomed its fifth president this year, Dr. Aysegul Timur, the school’s first female president since the school’s inception 26 years ago. The university received 19,745 applications and admitted 1,112 students for the summer semester and 11,265 students for the fall. About 2,800 freshmen began this year, including 1,000 students in the Honors College, and the school has about 16,000 total students. Full time faculty teach 81% of the classes. New this year is a BS major in Computer Science. FGCU offers five resort-style on-campus housing options, and students should apply early if they want housing. Dual Enrollment students who earned their Associate’s Degree may apply test optional. The Princeton Review ranks FGCU #15 in undergraduate entrepreneurship programs. It is the highest-ranked undergraduate entrepreneurship program in Florida. FGCU requires an official high school transcript to be sent with the student’s application. 



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA – Fall 4.0-4.7; Summer 3.8-4.5

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1250-1390; Summer 1120-1220; ACT: Fall 28-32; Summer 25-27


Florida Poly kicked off its 10th academic year this year. The all-STEM university boasts the #1 highest salaries within the State University System for its graduates. US News & World Report ranked the university as a top-30 engineering program without a Ph.D. Florida Poly students are immersed in STEM core from day one. Students partake in project-based education in engineering and applied science, including internships and Senior Capstone projects. The school received 2,483 applications and admitted 1,120 for the fall semester and 161 for the summer. New this year are majors in Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Students’ highest level of math should include calculus (not AP Statistics) to be considered competitive for admissions to Florida Poly. Admissions decisions are rolling and students should apply by November 15th. Florida Poly requires students to submit the SSAR to be considered for admission.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 4.3-4.6; Summer 4.1-4.5

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1340-1450; Summer 1230-1320; ACT: Fall 29-33; Summer 26-30


This year, FSU received approximately 75,000 applications and admitted 4,614 for the summer semester and 14,128 students for the fall. The freshmen class included 6,000 students. FSU was named the #1 Best Value College in Florida according to US News & World Report. A new 5-story academic health center is slated to open in 2024. FSU offers more than 280 degree programs, including a new degree in Retail Entrepreneurship. FSU offers the CARE Summer Bridge Program that provides supportive transitioning assistance for first generation and Pell-Grant students; students should check the box on their application if they are interested in this. In 2023, 364 students were enrolled in CARE. Students interested in the Honors Program should mark on their application that they are interested and must complete an essay by December 1. FSU requires students to submit the SSAR to be considered for admission.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA: 4.03

Standardized Tests: SAT 1100-1310; ACT 22-29 


Although still considered an honors liberal arts college, New College of Florida saw huge changes this year. The school brought on a new president who added athletic programs, including baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer. The plan is to add lacrosse, volleyball, and Bass Pro fishing next year. The classes are very small (averaging 12 students and a 7:1 student to faculty ratio). The school received 2,782 applications and admitted 1,511 students for a total freshmen class of 689 students. The curriculum is customized and students may choose from 50 areas of concentration (majors) in arts, humanities, and sciences. Students participate in Independent Study Projects, Senior Capstone Projects, and other hands-on learning projects. Students receive a career coach from day one to help the student navigate the school’s academic options and their future. Students’ report cards do not have numbers or letters, but rather include narrative evaluations and performance evaluations with meaningful feedback. Upon four months of graduation, 83% of graduates are employed or in graduate school. Almost everyone who attends New College earns a scholarship, including a special scholarship for being in the top 10% of the student’s class. New College students are curious, independent, and take initiative. New College accepts both the SSAR or an official high school transcript.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 3.8-4.44; Summer 3.11-3.74

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1060-1250; Summer 950-1120; ACT: Fall 21-27; Summer 21-27 


In other Florida college information news, UNF is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The school welcomed 2,884 freshmen after receiving 19,731 applications and accepting 1,359 students for the summer semester and 12,562 for the fall semester. UNF ranks #1 in the State University System for the percentage of graduates employed in Florida. Approximately 85% of students participate in internships and other real-world experiences by graduation. The UNF Archaeology Lab recently unveiled new finds in the lost indigenous village of Sarabay. UNF’s scholarship priority deadline is November 1. UNF accepts both the SSAR or an official high school transcript.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

GPA: Fall 3.95 Summer 3.81

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1050-1230; Summer 970-1150; ACT: Fall 21-27; Summer 19-24 


Located in Pensacola, UWF’s campus has 1,600 acres and 20+ miles of trails. Pensacola Beach is ranked one of the “Best Beaches” in the U.S. The school is home to over 13,500 students, making it large but still feeling close-knit. Fifty percent of classes have fewer than 20 students. The school had over 10,000 applicants and admitted 271 for the summer semester and 5,212 for the fall. Students may earn degrees in 70 of the college’s undergraduate programs. The school encourages collaboration, service learning, mentoring, and internships. Many students participate in one of the 16 active fraternities/sororities on campus. National Merit Finalists are considered for a full ride to UWF. UWF requires students to submit the SSAR to be considered for admission.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 3.91; Summer GPA: 3.53

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1070-1240; Summer 990-1140; ACT: Fall 22-27; Summer 19-24 


FAMU is ranked the #1 Public HBCU and the #3 HBCU by US News & World Report for four consecutive years. The school had a record number of applications this past year, 22,519, and offered admissions to 520 students in the summer and 4,186 students in the fall. FAMU offers 50 undergraduate majors in a wide range of academic programs, including pharmacy, nursing, journalism, health sciences, engineering, architecture, and business. New housing for freshmen is underway. FAMU is a NCAA Division 1 school and a member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. FAMU accepts both the SSAR or an official high school transcript.



Middle 50% of Admitted First Time in College 2023 Freshmen 

Fall GPA: 4.1-4.7; Summer 3.9-4.4

Standardized Tests – SAT: Fall 1240-1370; Summer 1060-1170; ACT: Fall 26-30; Summer 21-24


The university received over 24,000 applications and welcomed 5,200 new freshmen this year, one of the school’s largest freshmen classes. FIU has the #1 pass rate of the Florida Bar exam. US News & World Report ranks the school as #2 for International Business, in the Top 5 for Social Mobility, and Top 15 in Innovation. Additionally, the FIU Men’s Soccer Team is ranked #21 in the nation. The only underwater research lab in the world is located on FIU’s campus. Students have an unparalleled opportunity to study the ocean, test and develop state-of-the-art undersea technology, and engage in in-person and virtual experiences. FIU offers on-campus housing, and Tamiami Hall, a brand new 750-bed dorm, opened last year for upperclassmen. Students who are National Merit finalists may earn a full ride scholarship to FIU. FIU requires an official high school transcript to be sent with the student’s application. 

All this is great Florida college information to know!

Notes from ACT 

ACT is going to offer digital tests. They will not be doing away with paper tests at this time. They will launch a limited pilot this December to do a digital National ACT. The ACT digital test will not be computer adaptive (like the SAT). International College Counselors will keep families updated as more information is released on this new test format. 

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