Give the Gift that Can Transform a Life: A College Advisor

Give the Gift that Can Transform a Life: A College Advisor
Here’s a holiday gift that will make a real difference in the life of someone you love.

Give the gift of a college advisor – a gift that will last a lifetime, helping your special someone get into the college, graduate school, or boarding school of their dreams.

An expert and experienced college advisor from International College Counselors will:

  1. Provide students with highly individualized attention when it comes to the undergraduate or graduate admissions process.
  2. Research colleges and find the right school and program match for your student.
  3. Stay on top of your student, offering choices and guiding decisions which advantageously maximize the high school or college experience when it comes to classes, extracurriculars, summer programs, internships, and more.
  4. Help your student define and understand his or her unique potential.
  5. Keep your student organized, including with deadlines, standardized tests, and items like letters of recommendation.
  6. Free up more of your student’s time so he or she can focus on school and other priorities.
  7. Help plan immersive tours of colleges.
  8. Thoroughly review essays and applications and provide thoughtful, expert feedback.
  9. Be the “bad-guy.”  (As we all know, teens don’t always like to listen to their parents or grandparents!)
  10. Relay updates about the latest changes in higher education and college admissions.
  11. Connect your student with any academic help – like tutors – needed in preparation for admission.
  12. Help complete and send the college applications.
This is a great gift for children, grandchildren, or other family members and friends. This gift is ideal for students in middle school and above – we not only help students get into the undergrad college of their dreams, but also boarding and graduate schools. We help with all graduate school programs including med school, law school, film school and PhD programs, as well as admissions to boarding schools throughout the United States.

The earlier students start working with the expert college counselors at International College Counselors, the more advantage gained.  Early planning gives students and their families time to sift through individual interests, create a steady academic progression, and build a solid foundation of achievements, including focused community work and summer options.

Giving the perfect gift is easy. Just call International College Counselors at 954-414-9986 today.