Happy Holidays and a 2016 Year End Review

Congratulations are in order for so many of our students.   So far there have been exciting early acceptances for our 2017 seniors including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, MIT, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Duke, Cornell, Michigan, NYU, Notre Dame, Tulane, UM, FSU, Emory, Washington University, Northeastern, Boston College, Penn State, UT, Babson, Syracuse, BU, Virginia, and several others. We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work! We look forward to hearing about upcoming acceptances as the colleges announce them.

If you are not one of the lucky few to be finished with your college process, please know that your International College Counselors advisor will remain with you and your family until you are happily settled into a wonderful school. We believe in each of you!

For those interested in becoming a part of the ICC family, we wanted to share some exciting company news from 2016. Recognizing that our collective expertise, international exposure, and institutional knowledge is a huge advantage for all our families, we will continue to add resources, products, and partnerships in order to best serve you.

  1. We worked with over 450 students this year who hailed from numerous private and public schools all over Florida as well as students from 20 different countries and 10 states.
  1. Our Class of 2016 seniors received offers of admission to 209 different colleges and universities, including all the Ivy League schools, Stanford, and MIT as well as multiple acceptances from some of the following schools: Cornell (9 students), University of Pennsylvania (8 students), Brown & Columbia (4 students each), Washington University, Babson & Emory (10 students each), Duke & Johns Hopkins (6 students each), University of Florida (42 students), University of Michigan & University of Maryland (22 students each), Tulane (15 students), George Washington University (18 students), NYU (19 students), Penn State (17 students), Bentley (7 students), University of Miami (55 students), Indiana University (37 students), Northeastern (26 students), Boston University (18 students), Boston College (11 students), FSU (39 students), and Syracuse (12 students). Click here for our complete results listing.
  1. We welcomed two new Director of College Counselors to our team: Julie Simons, a Stanford and Penn graduate with previous college advising, editing, teaching and mentoring experience; and Nicole Jobson a University of Maryland graduate with prior independent educational consulting experience, a former founder and academic director of a private school, classroom instructor, special needs educator and homeschooling parent. Additionally, we welcomed Aimee Heller, an award winning advertising copywriter, to serve as the Director of Communication of International College Counselors and COO of Edit the Work. We are thrilled to have them all on our team!
  1. We provided College Consulting to two high schools, Ben Gamla Preparatory Academy in Hollywood and Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton.
  1. We expanded our offerings to include essay editing for high school and college students as well as resume review from Edit the Work; daily SSAT Flex Testing in our Ft. Lauderdale office; and College Coaching Services through International College Counselors. We continued our boarding school and graduate school services with stellar results to numerous prestigious institutions.
  1. Around our community, ICC college advisors held over 35 free seminars, presentations and webinars at high schools and middle schools, religious groups, businesses, tutoring centers, leadership groups and other organizations. We honored four students with scholarships through the International College Counselors Scholarship. And we sponsored numerous high schools and organizations through gift donations and other pro bono work.

Thank you again for your continued support and confidence. We’re looking forward to 2017!

Warmest Regards,
The ICC Team