How to Continue with Extracurriculars Remotely

During this time of elevated uncertainty, it is difficult to plan in advance and be ‘ahead of the game.’ With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing, numerous schools are conducting online learning, and most in-person activities are limited or non-existent. While remote learning may not be ideal for everyone, it is a necessary adaptation in today’s world. Many students may be wondering how to keep up with their extracurricular activities. Don’t fret. There are plenty of opportunities to be active remotely and to continue with extracurricular activities online. Extracurricular activities are a great way to stay busy, pursue your passions, and stay creative-especially during these times!

Below are some ideas of how to continue with extracurricular activities through a virtual lifestyle.

1. Community Service in Your Local Area or Anywhere Around the Globe. Now that everything is virtual, there are some advantages. For instance, you do not need to focus on community service only in your area. If you are interested in other countries and what they might need help with, try reaching out to different nonprofit organizations . The virtual world can give students opportunities to connect with new people from all around the world, as well as within our community. Many organizations need volunteers. Some ideas are:
  • Reach out to animal shelters and see if you can be a foster parent.
  • Reach out to a local hospital or nursing home to set up video chats, play music or write letters to patients.
  • Mentor or tutor a younger student online.
  • Start an online fundraiser for a charitable cause.
  • Volunteer for a campaign by making phone calls, doing data entry, or helping people register to vote.
  • Look into apps that allow you to help others. For example, virtually volunteer through Be My Eyes, which allows you to connect with blind people and help them through daily tasks.
  • Check out Zooniverse.org for lots of crowd-sourcing research projects to which you can contribute your time.
2. Staying Active. This might seem like a high hurdle, but you can definitely clear it. As Mandee Heller Adler, Founder of International College Counselors, mentions in the US News article of August 21, 2020, “High-level high school athletes may be the most affected by COVID-19. To stand out in the recruitment process, athletes need to compete…Not being visible and not building an athletic resume can hurt a student’s chances in securing a spot on a collegiate team or earning an athletic scholarship.” That said, it’s important to continue with your training, even through this new virtual world. You can continue training for your sport virtually with some of these ideas:
  • Create a plan and routine for healthy eating and working out.
  • Create your own YouTube channel or blog on healthy eating tips or at-home workouts.
  • Create a Zoom session with friends and follow a YouTube workout channel together.
  • Create a Zoom session with your teammates and create a workout plan together.
  • Gather game footage and video from your sports events, and create video clips highlighting your skills.
  • Set goals for yourself and train for them. For instance, set a goal of running a marathon. Today there are several virtual marathon events you can join, or set a goal to train for an in-person one when it is safe to do so.
3. Be Creative. At the moment, it may seem impossible to think outside of the box, but this is definitely the time to do so! Some ideas on how to continue with visual and performing arts activities are:
  • Work on a film based on the current pandemic and how it’s affecting the world or your community.
  • Write a short story, film script, poem, play, or even a novel.
  • Try the NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month) in November: nanowrimo.org.
  • Start a blog or vlog.
  • Start a tutorial or virtual class on crafts, jewelry making, makeup, drawing, how to paint with watercolor or acrylics, or anything else that you are interested in.
  • Learn how to play an instrument. Or if you already know how, try to learn that challenging song you thought you never had time for. 
4. Keep an Open-Mind! The whole world is going through the Coronavirus pandemic, and everyone is affected in different ways. Keep an open mind. Embrace these moments of “virtual reality” and make the best of them. Stay positive, seek opportunities, and ask for help, and you will find meaningful extracurricular activities that work for you.

For help with finding extracurricular activities or anything else pertaining to college admissions, please call or email us at International College Counselors: [email protected] or 1-954-414-9986. 
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