International College Counselors Announces Winners of 2014 College Scholarship Essay Contest

International College Counselors announced the winners of the 2014 College Scholarship Essay Contest. In its fifth year, the scholarship recognized four high school students who each received $250 in college scholarships. One winner was selected from Miami-Dade County, one from Broward County, one from Palm Beach County and one from outside the tri-county area. The scholarship is part of International College Counselors commitment to give back to the community.

This year students were asked to submit essays that answered the question: “What advice would you give middle school students about achieving success in high school?” Essays were judged on the basis of originality and effectiveness of argument or presentation.

The turnout of nominations was remarkable this year and the students’ advice was truly inspiring. The high school students gave the topic a lot of thought, and mustered constructive ideas for middle school students to achieve success. Choosing the winners was a hard decision.

Students from across the country in grades 9-11 were asked to submit a 500-word essay written in either English or Spanish. Several common themes emerged in the annual College Scholarship Essay Contest, including joining extracurricular activities; keeping up with school work and not procrastinating; making new friends; and managing time wisely.

The Broward winner was Chloe Schumannan 11th graderfrom Western High School in Davie. Wrote Chloe, “For middle school students seeking success in high school, I would advise they befriend their teachers, boldly take on new challenges, and realize they are stepping into the first moments of the life that will predict the outcome of their collegiate future.”

Palm Beach winner Angel Rodriguez, an 11th grader from Palm Beach Central High School in Greenacres, wrote about balance. Said Angel, “Balance truly is the one aspect every high schooler must have not only to be successful, but just to survive high school.” Rodriguez also wrote, “If someone decides to take an AP course simply because that person was told it was easy or just because he or she wants to fill up their schedule, then that person is depriving him or herself of the real value of an education.”

The Miami-Dade County winner was Jonathan DeWainan 11th grader from Miami who attends Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory High School. Said Jonathan, “In middle school, you thought you knew everything there was, and thought you were the prime of the school. In high school you are back to the beginning.” Jonathan recommends that students join clubs, but still set aside time to do homework; know who they are and pick the right friends; and do volunteer work as it “not only benefits the school, but teaches you how to cope with others.”

The scholarship winner from out of the tri-county area was Bethany Kirkpatrick an 11th grader from Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, TN. She wrote about passion, “the quintessential quality for success both in high school and in life.” Wrote Bethany, “If all middle schoolers can take the challenge, do the hard thing, and find a love greater than one person or item, they will not only succeed in high school but also be remembered long past graduation as the people who made a difference.”

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners and to everyone that put forth their best effort in submitting an essay. We are already looking forward to next year!


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