Know Your SAT & ACT Reporting Rights

As many seniors will currently attest, some schools are reporting, on the high school transcript, all college entrance scores provided by the testing agency, namely the College Board (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) programs.

Prior to sending their transcripts, students should look into whether their school is doing this. At most schools, students do have the opportunity to decide if their scores will be recorded on the transcript. This will be done on an all or none basis.

If students do nothing, and your school has the capability to include scores, all scores (SAT, SAT Subject and ACT tests) will be reported. If a student’s choice is to not have their scores recorded on their transcript, they can take advantage of the College Board Score Choice option, or even choose to send no scores.

Regardless of which option the student chooses, he/she must understand that all schools and some scholarships require official score reports from the testing agency. In this case, the official score must be sent from the College Board or the American College Testing program.

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