Make Summer Count

High school students who want to shine on their college applications should consider the summer an ideal time to add some resume gold.

Contrary to popular belief, a student doesn’t need to build wells in Costa Rica, said college counselors at International College Counselors. There are many choices of summer activities that raise the APA (application point average).

“While there’s nothing wrong with a little down time, high school students with college aspirations should use the break to enhance their college applications,” said Mandee Heller Adler, founder of International College Counselors. Summer is coming up fast so here are some ideas for high schools students to make the most of the summer.

Enrichment Camp

There are hundreds of different summer enrichment programs, from the local to the international and, between them all, they offer thousands of opportunities. There are recreational camps, athletic camps, academic programs, volunteer programs, internships programs, and more. Some come with the opportunity to earn college credit. A number of programs give high school students the taste of life on a college campus.

Great summer job or internship

“Summer jobs and internships are great ways to gain valuable real-world experience,” said expert college advisor Adler. “In a tight job market like the one we’re experiencing now, your best bet may be the internship.”

An internship is unpaid (or token payment) work experience that provides students with an opportunity to gain experience in a field of interest. What isn’t gained in cash, is gained in experience, friends, and networking connections. Think of it as a summer course. With persistence and luck, you can even land an internship in a dream career.


It can be profitable to work for nothing. You can make a difference, gain experience make networking connections, and explore interests. For example, if you’re interested in a career in medicine, you can volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. The choices are endless and the hard work and time can pay off. Colleges and scholarship funds truly adore students who can demonstrate that they make the effort to help others. Then there’s always the fact that doing good is a wonderful reason to volunteer in itself.

Virtual Class or Dual Enrollment

Virtual classes and dual enrollment programs offer students a chance to explore something new. Both can help save time and money if you take classes that count both for high school credit and college credit. Depending on your school, the credit may reduce your course load per term or even allow you to graduate early.

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