The Other March Madness: College Admissions Results

March Madness is here. And it’s not only the time for hoop dreams, but college dreams as well.

As some people are celebrating brackets, celebrate your college admissions results!

Here are some tips for all outcomes:

Accepted / Admitted

Congratulations! Getting into any college is something to celebrate. If you have more than one acceptance in your hand, you’re in the driver’s seat. The colleges have taken their sweeeeet time choosing you, and now it’s your turn to choose them. Keep these in mind when making your college decision:

  • Fit: Where do you feel like you will fit in best? Dig in deeper about the schools that accepted you.  Learn as much as possible. If you can, visit the campus even if you’ve already been there. Explore the dorms, tour the campus, and meet with individuals who are knowledgeable about your academic programs of interest.  Talk to students, alumni, and-or admissions officers. If you can’t visit the school, take a virtual tour online if one is available.
  • Economics: If you’ve been offered a generous financial aid package or a scholarship, it’s going to be hard to ignore this “bonus.” Review your offers carefully to determine which makes the most sense for you.
  • Deadlines: If you applied Regular Decision, you typically have until May 1 to notify the colleges that you’re going to enroll. There are also housing deposits and Honors College deadlines. Check each school’s deadlines and don’t miss them. Also make sure to send in deposits on time.
  • Avoid Senioritis: Colleges have rejected students who let their grades drop too far. And don’t do anything drastic like get arrested or post inappropriate comments on social media.
  • I still need help: Talk to your college advisors.  They can help you decide which school is the best fit for you.


The schools know you exist, but you’re not a first-choice applicant. Whether or not you get off the wait-list and into the school depends on how many accepted students decide to attend the school. First off, let the school know whether you will accept or decline your position on the waitlist. Next, make plans to attend another college. You may have to make a deposit at another school as an insurance policy. If you want to improve your chances of turning a “maybe” into a “yes,” here’s what you need to do:

  • Make an appeal:
    • Send a follow-up letter to the school to let them know why you would be excited to attend and the reasons why their college is still the best-fit school for you. Include any updated information, especially any new accomplishments and achievements.
    • Get the best grades possible.
    • Prepare and resubmit higher SAT/ACT scores, as possible.
    • Request an interview.  If available, this will demonstrate commitment to the school.
  • Be excited about the schools that accepted you. Read “Accepted / Admitted” above.


If you applied Early Decision or Early Action you may have been notified that your application was deferred to the regular admission pool. Colleges place students in this “purgatory” if they think they need more information (like senior year grades or higher test scores) before making their final decision. If you still really want to attend the school, refer to “Waitlisted” above.


You didn’t get the news you were hoping for, but stay positive. Many students get rejected for so many reasons. It’s okay and normal to feel disappointed. Pick yourself up and explore the options.  There’s no one perfect college.

  • Check out the schools that accepted you. Once you open your mind to your options, you may see there are many possibilities and opportunities out there.
  • Know you can always try transferring in a year or two if you are still set on one particular school.  Call us at International College Counselors and we’ll help you.
  • Talk with your college advisor to review your options and find the best school for you now.

We wish all of our students luck with the admissions decisions. No matter what happens, after the madness, there will be a calm.

For help with acceptances, waitlists, deferments or rejections, visit http://www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or call 954 414-9986.