New Must Read Book: From Public School to the Ivy League

International College Counselors is pleased to announce the release of Mandee Heller Adler’s new book, From Public School to the Ivy League: How to Get into a Top School Without Top Dollar Resources. The book is available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.

The new book provides parents and students with the tools and resources they need to understand and navigate the college admissions process. Specifically addressing the needs of public school students and their families, it is an easy-to-follow guidebook that a student could use even without the help of an adult.

After graduating as the salutatorian of Miami Beach Sr. High, a Florida public high school, Adler went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with two degrees. She then received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Adler wrote the book she wished she had had to guide her when she was applying to schools. The book is comprehensive, yet readable, quick, conversational, and to the point. With the help of the book, students will be able to be their own best college counselors.

From Public School to the Ivy League offers advice on topics that include:

  • Choosing high school courses
  • Maximizing academic and extracurricular opportunities
  • Finding the “right fit” college
  • Getting summer jobs and internships
  • Studying for and scheduling standardized tests
  • Navigating social media
  • Completing the college application
  • Revealing the inside admissions process

You can’t change the system, but you can change your approach.

Pick up your copy of From Public School to the Ivy League at Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.