Now Offering Dedicated Primary and Secondary School Placement Assistance in South Florida

primary school placement
primary school placement
Choosing a primary or secondary school is a critical and pivotal decision for families. The variety of options today, including independent, religious, boarding, charter, magnet, online, and zoned schools, can be confusing.


For many parents, applying to primary, elementary, and/or secondary schools is often an unfamiliar process with numerous choices, deadlines, and rules–both written and unwritten. International College Counselors can help your family navigate the school admissions process.


In addition to our team of advisors who guide students through the boarding school process, one of our advisors is now dedicated to placing students in the South Florida primary and secondary schools that fit them best. We know this process requires planning, cooperation, and consultation. Our counselor will support you and your child, helping to narrow a list of potential school choices, complete the applications, and ultimately select a best-fit school.  Based on our knowledge of schools in South Florida and boarding schools, we can help you identify programs and opportunities that are best for your child.


When choosing a school, the goal is to address the needs and nurture the interests of your child in as many ways as possible. Doing so will positively impact their academic, social, and physical development.


A few basics to consider include:


1. Child’s interests and needs
The appropriate school should support the individual child’s particular interests. Different schools specialize in different areas. As much as you want your child to excel in their academic journey, you also need to identify a school that provides your child with opportunities to explore and develop their interests.


2. School philosophy, organization and curricula 
Knowing a school’s philosophy and approach to education can help a parent identify the strengths and weaknesses of that school. The teaching approach can often determine whether a child will thrive. Understanding what classes are expected of your child – whether it’s religion or language – should also be a determining factor. Additionally, it’s important to consider the organization of the school, including student-teacher ratio.


3. Convenience
How important is convenience to you? Some factors to consider include: What is the commute time? Where are the after-school activities held? Does the school offer transportation? In which area do most of the students live? Sometimes these issues can be managed, but sometimes they may cause additional stress.


4. Cost 
The price of the school can sometimes be the most important factor when selecting a school. Families may have to make sacrifices to afford certain schools, such as forfeiting vacations and home repairs. Items like uniforms, laptops, and activity fees also need to be factored in the cost.  Some schools offer scholarships for children with special abilities, typically in academics, athletics, or the arts, but many do not.


For any and all help finding a primary or secondary school in South Florida that best suits your child’s interest and aspirations, and offers maximum opportunity for growth and development, contact International College Counselors. Visit or call 954-414-9986 x6.

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