An Overview of Early Admission Stats for the Class of 2022



In the past few months, the most highly selective colleges in the U.S. released their Early Admission statistics for the Class of 2022.  As always, many more students applied than were accepted. And once again, it was harder than ever to get in.

Below is a chart of some of the early acceptance data released by a sample of different highly selective schools.

College/ University # of ED/EA Applicants # of Accepted Applicants % Acceptance Rate Fall ‘18 % Acceptance Rate Fall ‘17
Boston College 10,350 3,170 31 33
Brown 3,502 738 21.1 22
Cornell 6,319 1,533 24.3 25.8
Dartmouth 2,270 565 24.9 27.8
Duke 4,090 875 21.4 24.5
Georgetown 8,383 1,002 12 11.9
Harvard 6,630 964 14.5 14.5
Johns Hopkins 2,037 610 29.9 30.6
MIT 9,557 664 6.9 7.8
Notre Dame 6,598 1,636 24.8 24.4
Penn 7,074 1,312 18.5 22
Princeton 5,402 799 14.8 15.4
Yale 5,733 842 14.7 17.1

* Columbia University doesn’t release their stats.

An article in “The Daily Pennsylvanian” by Julia Schorr entitled “How Penn matches up: a breakdown of early admissions statistics across the Ivy League,” offers a look at some other interesting numbers from Ivy League colleges.


Princeton admitted the most First-Generation students (14%) and Dartmouth accepted the second highest number (13%). First-gen students are the first in their families to attend college.

Students of Color

Harvard accepted the highest number of early accepted students who self-identified as students of color (49.7%).  Princeton had the second highest percentage (44%).


The University of Pennsylvania admitted the highest percentage (25%) of legacy students to their incoming class. Dartmouth College had the lowest legacy percentage (16%) among early admitted students in the incoming class.

We congratulate all our seniors at International College Counselors who already earned acceptance to their EA/ED school. For our other students still waiting to hear back, we are here for you!

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