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Personalized Support for Seniors – Get Help with College Admissions, Essays, and Applications!

Students are happier when they get help with college admissions from International College Counselors.

Guidance guaranteed to reduce stress and boost confidence.

With difficult decisions and daunting dates, applying to college can make senior year supremely challenging. But you don’t need to navigate this process alone! Families can turn to us for help with college admissions, college admissions essays, and college applications!

International College Counselors offers five services that are popular with our current senior applicants. Let us help bring some calm back into your life.

1) Hourly counseling: Spend two hours with an available counselor. In two hours, we can cover a lot, and it is completely personalized to your questions and needs. We can review your school list together and provide suggestions or revisions, if needed. We can give advice on how to best position yourself for certain schools. We can review your schedule, standardized test scores, essays, or applications. However you want to use this time is up to you!

2) Essay support and application review. A college advisor will take a holistic look at your student’s essays and applications – for up to ten schools – and make sure the student is presenting the strongest version of themselves.

3) Comprehensive college counseling. This includes every aspect of the college application process for up to ten schools: college selection support, a plan and timeline for completing applications, double review of the complete application, essay support, advice about submitting standardized test scores, high school course selection guidance, scholarship application review and support, financial aid information, interview preparation, waitlist / deferral strategies, and more.

4) Essay support and review through Edit the Work. This is the ideal option for students who know where they want to apply and need help with the essays only. Pricing is available on a per-essay basis.

5) Florida package. This includes help with college admissions in every aspect of the college application process for five Florida public schools, including school selection, the complete application, and essays. This also includes support in navigating the Student Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR), required by many Florida public universities, or the Self-Provided Academic Record for Knights (SPARK), required by UCF.

Get started today! Get help with college admissions! Call Marlene at 1-954-414-9986 or email her at [email protected]

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