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Quick College Application Checklist for College Bound Seniors

Class of 2016, you are in the home stretch! While your main task for the next month is to complete those college applications, it’s actually not that simple. Every college has its own process, its own forms, and its own requirements. Plus, many different pieces are needed to complete the applications.

To make this easier, Stay Organized.

Use this list to remember things you need to do to meet the college application requirements:

  1. Meet application deadlines. Many schools have November 1 or November 15 deadlines for Early Decision, Early Action, or Priority consideration. Also be mindful of application deadlines for scholarship consideration, which may be much earlier than actual application deadlines.
  2. Finalize your essays and have them proofread.
  3. Pay application fees.
  4. Sign and send applications.
  5. Order transcripts from your high school(s) and any college(s) at which you’ve taken courses. Make sure these transcripts go out on time and check your application portals to ensure they have been received by your schools.
  6. Check that letters of recommendation were submitted by your counselor.
  7. Check that letters of recommendation were submitted by your teachers.
  8. Send thank you notes to recommendation writers.
  9. Send SAT/ACT test scores and Subject Test scores (if needed) to your colleges.
  10. Coordinate an interview (if recommended by the college).
  11. Send thank you notes to interviewers.
  12. Visit your top colleges.
  13. Check your online portals for any outstanding items and to confirm that all items were received.
  14. Send additional materials (such as portfolios or other information), if needed.
  15. Apply for scholarships.

Although there are several elements of your application that need to be submitted by others – such as your teachers and guidance counselor – ultimately, you are the one who is responsible for everything arriving on-time. Be sure to check in with your teachers and guidance counselor to confirm that they sent the items, and check your online portals for each of your schools to confirm receipt of all your materials.

It’s a busy time, filled with both excitement and anxiety. However, next year, when you have moved on to the next part of your life, you will look back sentimentally on this chaotic time. You’re almost done – you can do it!