Register Early for Summer Standardized Tests

Sign up for the SAT early, especially if you plan to take the August test.


Signing up for standardized tests isn’t always as simple as choosing a date, reserving a spot, and taking the exam.


Students in the northeast have reported not being able to find an SAT or ACT testing center within 75 miles of their homes for the summer test dates.  Why? In certain regions, schools are closed for the summer, and they don’t want to open for the SAT or ACT.


If you are planning on taking the SAT on August 24, 2019, there is still time to register. The registration deadline is July 26. You can still register online or by phone up until August 13, but you’ll have to pay a late registration fee to take the test.


Signing up early gives you more chance to get a space!!!


Wait too long and don’t be surprised if you have to travel to a test center farther from your community. Since students need to be at the test center no later than 7:45 am, unless your Admissions Ticket says otherwise, extra traveling means waking up extra early.


Have questions about the SAT and ACT and-or anything else related to college admission, counselors at ICC can help you and your student. Email your International College Counselors advisor or call 954-414-9986.