Seniors, get started on your Florida applications!

Did you know that the University of Florida (UF) has already received more than 600 applications? That the University of Central Florida (UCF) has already sent out acceptances to students who submitted their applications? Or that the University of South Florida (USF) will start releasing their results on October 1 to students who applied by September 1?

Recently, the college advisors at International College Counselors attended the 2017 State University System of Florida Admissions Tour. At this invitation-only event, our team met with officials from all 12 of the Florida public colleges and universities: UF, FSU, UCF, USF, New College, UNF, FAMU, FAU, FGCU, FIU, UWF, and Florida Poly, in addition to representatives from the companies that administer the ACT and the SAT.

After a warm welcome from host Florida Atlantic University, our team learned of innovative programming, admissions trends, critical deadlines and other important information from each school.

Click here to see a matrix of the middle range of SAT, ACT, and GPA for admitted students, as well as enrollment numbers, percentage accepted, etc. for each of the Florida schools. Here are some of the highlights discussed.

52,519 students; 4.3-4.6 GPA; 28-32 ACT; 1280-1430 SAT; 3,200 students in the Honors College
Overview: For the second year, the school is exclusively using the Coalition Application, and has already received 600 applications. UF offers different admissions opportunities: traditional fall and spring admission options; Innovation Academy, which welcomes their spring and summer cohort; PaCE, which enables freshmen to start their degree online and then transition to campus; as well as an all-online program. Each offering has different admissions requirements and some options (including Innovation Academy) allow students to choose whether or not they would like to be considered, while others are offered through automatic consideration only. With this in mind, students should be certain of their desire to attend any program they checked off on their applications. With 16 colleges and 1,000 student organizations, students have many opportunities to learn and be engaged at the University of Florida.
New at UF: UF recently opened a new 110,000 sq. ft. chemistry building; UF’s learning and study center, Newell Hall, underwent a major renovation.
Deadlines: Nov. 1: applications due; Dec. 1: SSAR and FAFSA due; Dec. 15: all test scores must be received.

41,867 students; 4.0-4.5 GPA; 27-31 ACT; 1270-1360 SAT
Overview: The 2017 incoming freshman class of 6,500 students was the largest freshman class in FSU history. They received 41,000 applications last year. In order to make up for the increase in applications, FSU will be looking to limit next year’s freshman class to only 6,200 students. FSU’s most popular majors include business, biological sciences, engineering, and psychology.
New at FSU: FSU now offers majors in Commercial Entrepreneurship and Computer Programming and Applications. FSU opened two new residence halls, Magnolia and Azalea, which offer housing for 900 more students as well as a 24,000 sq. ft. dining area called 1851.
Deadlines:  Nov. 1 for decision on Jan. 25; Feb. 7 for decision on March 29. Note that FSU gave out 22,000 acceptances during last year’s first deadline and only 2,000 on the second deadline. FSU’s Honors College application is due Feb. 14. Students may apply via FSU’s application or the Coalition Application – do not apply using both.
Interesting Fact: FSU is among the top 10 Most Beautiful College Campuses according to College Magazine.

66,000 students; 4.03 GPA; 28 ACT; 1320 SAT
Overview: UCF also welcomed one of its largest freshman classes last year, with 6,900 students, 500 more than anticipated. Eighty-eight of the students were National Merit Scholars; 25% were the first in their family to attend college; and 45% were minorities. Last year, UCF won the Computer Programming Title in the “Battle of the Brains” contest and is #1 in the nation and 13th in the world. For students interested in STEM, UCF has many different opportunities. The EXCEL program offers students benefits including the feeling of a small college, free tutoring, and a paid research experience. The COMPASS program is ideal for students who are interested in math or science and want to explore STEM careers through hands-on experience, but are unsure of their major or career.
New at UCF: UCF welcomed new degree programs including a B.S. in Environmental Studies as well as a B.A./B.S. in Nonprofit Management. The Athletic Training program is transitioning to a master’s degree and will no longer be offered as a bachelor degree.
Deadlines: UCF has rolling admissions and students have ALREADY received notification. The Honors College includes 1,700 students and requires a separate application (deadline Jan. 15).  All students can apply to UCF through the Common App or their own application.
Interesting Fact: UCF’s Top 10 Knights program recognizes Florida students for their academic achievement in high school. Students who rank in the top 10% of their class or have a 3.9 GPA as well as a 1090 on their SAT or 21 on their ACT get guaranteed admission to UCF for one of their three term options.

The USF college system, comprised of three campuses, educates more than 50,000 students per year.  Each campus has its own admission requirements, scholarships, and distinct cultures.

USF Sarasota/Manatee
2,100 students; 3.9 GPA, 25 ACT, 1100 SAT
Overview: Due to USFSM’s small size, the school tailors educational paths to every student’s goals and interests. USFSM has a partnership with Stetson to enable students a direct admit to law school. A D1 NCAA rowing team will be coming soon to this campus.
Open House: Oct. 14

USF St. Pete
6,700 students; 3.83 GPA, 26 ACT, 1212 SAT
Overview: USFSP has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Regional Public Colleges in the Southeast and is frequently recognized for its community engagement.
New at USFSP: New majors at USFSP this year include Forensic Studies and Justice (recommended for students going into law) and Educational Studies.
Open House: Nov. 5

USF Tampa
3.9-4.4 GPA; 27-30 ACT; 1220-1350 SAT
Overview: Acceptance to USF keeps getting harder, with only 45% accepted to summer/fall. For USF’s Honors College, students get automatic consideration if they have a 4.0 GPA, 30 ACT or 1400 SAT. Other students may apply, but it is based on space-only basis. Within USF’s 7-year medical program, students’ first three years of college study will be completed at the Honors College and the fourth year will be completed through the Morsani College of Medicine. UCF also offers a similar 7-Year BS/PharmD program.
Deadlines: Students are encouraged to apply by Nov. 1; Jan. 1 is the priority deadline for financial aid consideration; and students should apply by Jan. 15 to be considered for merit scholarships.
New at USF Tampa: This fall at USF Tampa is a resident village that includes two residence halls. The Hub is USF’s newest dining experience with multiple food concepts. Publix, and its deli, is also now open on campus. Another residence hall will open next year.

30,600 students; 3.97 GPA; 24 ACT; 1140 SAT
Overview: FAU is the most diverse institution in the state university system and students attend classes on one of FAU’s six campuses. FAU is committed to making education affordable and has several scholarship options available to students. FAU’s College of Medicine pipeline program is a first-of-its-kind scholars program. The direct pipeline rewards high achieving high school students with conditional acceptance into FAU’s College of Medicine at the time of admission into undergraduate college. Up to 10 students will be admitted each year. At the Wilkes Honor College in Jupiter, all students selected for this program receive merit aid. This prestigious program offers students academic rigor, internship opportunities, and more.
Open House: Oct. 14 at FAU stadium
Interesting Fact: FAU students study abroad in 72 countries.

13,000 students; 3.8 GPA; 25 ACT; 1170 SAT
Overview: For 15 years, the Princeton Review has named UWF as a “Best Regional College – Southeastern.” UWF values high impact practices, meaning students are engaged in internships, practicums, study abroad programs, and hands-on experiences. The school’s small student body enables the classes to have an average of 35 students/class and 20-25 students per class in the student’s major. Last year the school welcomed its new DII football program and looks forward to a winning season this year.
New at UWF: UWF-Teach is a new program geared for STEM majors. The school also added a new mechanical engineering lab and a new athletic training facility.
Deadlines: UWF uses what is known as pooled rolling admission, meaning that your admission decision will be based on the pool of applications received during your particular cycle.  The decision days are Nov. 10, Dec. 10 and Jan. 10. Students must apply by Dec. 1 for scholarship consideration; Dec. 15 for financial aid.

875 students; 3.77-4.36 GPA; 26-31 ACT; 1210-1400 SAT
Overview: New College of Florida, the Honors College of Florida, is the smallest college in the State University System of Florida. The average class size has under 20 students and has a 10:1 student: faculty ratio. The school prides itself on being a flexible and intimate liberal arts college.
New at NCF: NCF has a new partnership with FSU called Semester in Tallahassee. The program combines a New College seminar course, internship, classes at FSU and the opportunity to sit in on legislative sessions in Tallahassee.
Deadlines: Priority deadline: Nov. 1; FAFSA deadline: Nov. 1
Interesting Facts: This year, New College alum, Kirstin Cutts, became a three-time Jeopardy! champion and New College alum, Steven Rosenbluth, won an Oscar for his work in special effects.

14,850 students; 3.42-4.22 GPA; 21-26 ACT; 1080-1220 SAT
Overview: FGCU is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. FGCU prides itself on giving back to the community and environment. All students have to take a University Colloquium course, which focuses on environmental sustainability and finding their sense of place. Students must also complete 80 hours of community service prior to graduation.
New at FGCU: FGCU added the North Lake Village Boardwalk, which brings shopping and dining to FGCU students and faculty. Entrepreneurship is a new major offered, and the school welcomed new president, Dr. Michael Martin.
Deadline: Nov. 15
Interesting Fact: With FGCU’s Soar in 4 program, students who graduate within four years from FGCU and get a full-time job in Florida are eligible for a tuition reimbursement.

16,640 students; 3.6-4.4 GPA; 25-28 ACT; 1200-1320 SAT
Overview: As UNF continues to grow, the school began offering Transformational Learning Opportunities (TLOs). The TLOs broaden and deepen students’ intellectual and world views while creating life-changing experiences. These experiences may take a myriad of forms, including service learning experiences, research experiences with a faculty member, internships, and more.
New at UNF: This fall, UNF is offering a new interdisciplinary minor, Digital Humanities. Students can also check out UNF via its new virtual tour, which can be found at tour.unf.edu.
Interesting Fact: UNF students study abroad at twice the rate of other universities.

1,400 students; 4.0 GPA; 27 ACT; 1270 SAT
Overview: Florida Poly received its accreditation this year and students are now eligible for federal financial aid including grants, loans, and other money awarded by filling out the FAFSA. This fall, Florida Poly had its first graduating class of 45 students and on May 1st Florida Poly will graduate the students of its inaugural freshman class. Florida Poly looks for students who are self-starters, entrepreneurs and tech students. Students must be strong in math as the first math class is Calculus I. The school has six majors, all in STEM fields.
Deadline: Florida Poly has rolling admissions but Nov. 1 is their scholarship deadline and priority deadline.
Interesting Fact: Florida Poly went from 0 to 1400 students in four years.

55,112 students; 4.13 GPA; 21-23 ACT; 1180 SAT
Overview: FIU is Miami’s first and only public research university. FIU prides itself on being affordable and offering programs like the Golden Promise, which covers 100% tuition to students who meet certain requirements.
New at FIU: FIU initiated FIU in DC. This program enables students to access thought leaders, get one-of-a-kind learning, career, and research experiences, and get involved in the national dialogue.

9,614 students; 3.0-3.49 GPA; 18-21 ACT; 1000-1180 SAT
Overview: FAMU consistently ranks in the Top 10 of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and prides itself on its diversity and inclusion.  Students can choose from 54 undergraduate majors with the most popular programs being architecture, journalism, computer information sciences, and psychology. The school also has more than 100 active student clubs and organizations.
Deadline: FAMU offers generous scholarships for high achieving students, but students must apply by the Nov. 30 deadline to be eligible.
Open House: March 24

Final note: Make sure to accurately input grades on the SSAR. Colleges have – and will – rescind acceptances if grades are not accurately reported. Have your transcript on-hand when filling out your SSAR.

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