Seniors: Send in Your Midyear Reports

Midyear Reports can make a difference in the college admissions process.

Seniors: This week make a request to your guidance counselor to send out your Midyear Report.  Also, students who have new information should write a letter.

Which students should send colleges a Midyear Report or letter

  1. Students who have applied to schools that require a Midyear Report must send it in before the deadline. Students can see if their schools are on this list: List of colleges on the Common Application that require the Midyear Report
  1. Students who were accepted Early Decision to a school which requires a Midyear Report.
  1. Students who did well should have their counselor send their schools the Midyear Report even if one isn’t required.
  1. Students who have additional information to report since applying to college should write a short note updating each school. (See below “Good things to send a college midyear”)
  1. Students who were deferred from an Early Decision or Early Action school and it is still their top choice should send a letter. The letter should let the school know that the school is still the student’s top choice and give provide the school with an update on new achievements.


What to send Midyear

  1. Improved standardized test scores.
  1. Midyear grades, if they show improvement or are required by the school. (This is why it’s important not to let grades go down.)
  1. A written letter highlighting updates and showing continued interest. Include information about any new and meaningful accomplishments that are not in the original application. Accomplishments can include new activities, new awards, or leadership positions. Also, be honest and positively express continued interest in the school and reasons why it would be a good match.
  1. Strong and relevant additional recommendations. The best letters of recommendation are the opposite of generic. New letters should highlight your unique qualities and why they make you an ideal match for a school. Just first check with the college to make sure you can send extra letters.


How to request the Midyear Report from the Guidance Counselor.

Ask your guidance counselor’s office on what the process is to have the Midyear Report sent.  At some high schools, students just need to e-mail their guidance counselor the list of schools that require a Midyear Report and they will do the rest; for others, a paper form is needed.  A paper version of the Midyear Report for Common Application schools can be downloaded from the recommendation section, if the guidance counselor at your school doesn’t send the report electronically.


Need additional help?

Need help with midyear updates, letters to colleges, or want help applying to colleges, contact International College Counselors at http://www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or 954 414-9986.