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For U.S. Students: Gap Year Options and International Universities

For U.S. Students: Gap Year Options and International Universities

Why should I study overseas? Have you ever dreamed of having an adventurous travel filled college experience? Riding your bike past tulip fields on your way to class, taking a stroll along the River Thames as you head to the Shakespeare Theater, or riding the bullet train across Japan. Does the idea of studying alongside…

Six Tips for Parents of Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities should follow the same steps for choosing and applying to colleges as any other student. What they should do differently is evaluate schools based on the college’s ability to accommodate any special needs. For students with learning disabilities there are support services at many colleges. These vary in quality and extent from…

The New Common Application Is Live, College Advisors at International College Counselors Weigh in, Offer Advice

The Common Application (CA4) is now available online at the Common Application website. College advisors at  International College Counselors say this means students can enter their information, final school essays and, soon, their supplements. The Common Application Online launched on August 1, 2013. Once completed online, copies of the Application can be sent to any…

Know Your SAT & ACT Reporting Rights

Beginning with the March 2009 administration of the SAT, the College Board has changed its score reporting policy by introducing Score Choice. The new Score Choice policy, as this expert college counselor knows, means applicants can select which SAT and SAT Subject Test results are reported—and which ones aren’t. According to the official literature, this option will allow students to give students more flexibility and control over their scores. This college counselor recommends students look into whether their school is doing this. Students do have the opportunity to decide if their scores will be recorded on the transcript. This will be done on an all or none basis. If students choose to include their scores on the transcript, all scores (SAT, SAT Subject and ACT tests) will be reported. If a student’s choice is to not have their scores recorded on their transcript, they can take advantage of the College Board Score Choice option, or even choose to send no scores.