Tips and Benefits for Getting a Summer Internship



Doing an internship in high school can look great on a college application. Internships also allow students to build their resume, explore their interests, learn more about possible careers, and gain real world experience!  As a bonus, internships can give students the opportunity to meet professionals who can write letters of recommendation or serve as mentors.

Not sure where to start?  Here are five tips on finding internship opportunities:

  1. Start at your school.Many high school guidance counselors have current listings of opportunities and programs available in the area.  High school administrators and/or teachers may also have connections to businesses with internships.
  2. Contact companies and organizations of interest. Many different organizations and companies offer internships; students just have to find them. First, students need to make a list of businesses related to their area of interest. Then, they should check those companies’ websites or make a quick call to see they have internships.  Next, students should send out cover letters and resumes to companies who show interest in them applying. Students should also research local colleges and universities to see their internship opportunities. Remember, even if the business doesn’t have a formal internship program in place, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they want a hard-working student who wants to learn.  And although the organization may not have an established internship, they might create one for a student who takes initiative.
  3. Ask your family and friends of the family for help. Parents are encouraged to introduce their students to people they know who may help connect them to an internship. Parents, make sure your student is ready for an interview and understands the responsibilities of a work environment.
  4. Look for an internship online. If a student is not sure what kind of internship he or she wants to do, type: “high school internship” <<your city>> into Google and see what comes up. com is another source of high school internships.  Students in Miami-Dade can also visit http://www.miamidade.gov/aim/high-school.asp.
  5. Look for volunteer opportunities. Volunteer work can be very similar to an internship. The difference is, while an internship can be paid or unpaid, volunteer work is always unpaid. No matter. The real value is the experience!

The educational consultants at International College Counselors highly recommend internships for high school students in any grade.  In addition to the benefits listed above, internships can help build a case for a “passion” and help students set themselves apart from their peers.

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