Updates from University of Florida Representatives

Jeff City UF counselor breakfast 0916

On September 27, 2016, the college advisors of International College Counselors attended University of Florida’s Counselor Breakfast. There, they met and heard from Andrea Felder, Director of Freshman and International Admissions, Jeff City, Director of the Innovation Academy, and Evangeline Cummings, Director of UF Online. Below are some details the team learned about UF Admissions and what it takes to be a Florida Gator.

2016 Freshman Profile
: 4.2-4.5
Note: UF recalculates GPAs taking only Core courses into consideration
ACT: 28-32
SAT: 1290-1440 (estimated based on new SAT concordance tables)
Note: Upper 600 in each section is considered a competitive student

Admissions rate                                     Enrolled
Overall – 43.6%                                             6,904
Innovation Academy – 29.5%                      200
PaCE/Online program – 7.3%                     428

Initiatives/ Interesting tidbits:
– Currently 12% of the student body comes from outside of state of Florida; the school is trying hard to bring in students from out of the state.

– Ninety (90) students from last year’s PaCE program have already transitioned into the regular student body (after one year).

To complete the SSAR
Students applying to UF must complete the SSAR (Self-reported Student Academic Record). Once a student submits the SSAR, they should wait 24-48 hours. After that time period, students should log into the UF portal to check their status. As part of the checklist, students will see whether or not the SSAR is outstanding.

Innovation Academy
UF’s Innovation Academy (IA) teaches students about innovation. IA’s pillars include creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics. Students applying for the Academy should be interested in Expert and Peer Collaboration, Trial & Error, Creating, Strategic Risk Taking, and Exploring Motivators. IA offers several majors (not all) and students also graduate with an Innovation minor. Students receive a small college experience when enrolled in the Innovation Academy. IA students attend during the spring/summer calendar. During the fall, students are encouraged to take traditional internships, IA local internships, online or transient courses, study abroad or other opportunities. Students receive access to all resources on campus including athletics, Greek life, etc.

PaCE / UF online:
Pathway to Campus Enrollment (PaCE)
UF’s PaCE program gives freshman the opportunity to start their UF degree online and then transition to campus to complete an undergraduate degree. Through PaCE, students must complete at minimum 15 credit hours and two semesters through UF Online. After 60 hours, students may request to transfer to face-to-face classes. Some students have been able to transfer after one year. Students are guaranteed admission after they’ve completed their required hours. PaCE students can choose from more than 50 face-to-face majors. Similar to the Innovation Academy, students receive access to all of UF’s activities and student organizations including sports, marching band, Greek life, etc.

UF Online: The UF Online program offers 15 majors, five minors and six certificates. Students earn their degree online either full time or part time. UF Online has a separate admissions process. Unlike the PaCE program, students are not guaranteed admission to traditional UF. Students receive limited access to extracurricular and leadership activities and on-campus resources.

Through PaCE and UF Online, students learn from the same UF faculty, take the same courses, have dedicated advisors for the students, and participate in an online student community. Additionally, the online programs are significantly less expensive than UF’s traditional program: For Florida students, UF Online costs $129.18 per credit hour.

For any additional questions about UF admissions or other college admissions, contact the expert educational consultants at International College Counselors: 954 414-9986.