VIP Applications: What are they?

A number of high school seniors may already be receiving personalized e-mails or letters congratulating them for qualifying for a special “V.I.P. Application.”

VIP Applications are applications sent from colleges to certain students, encouraging them to attend their school. The VIP applications offer a fast-track, simplified application process and often stress the offer being good for a “Limited Time.”

The students receiving this mail are typically those with SAT scores that fall within a certain (high) range. Students who are out-of-state high-achievers are also common recipients.

Other schools send these applications to students who “qualified” simply by requesting information or visiting campus.

VIP Applications also come under the names “Presidential Select,” “Select Scholar,” “Priority Application,” and others.

These special applications are a marketing ploy with benefits for both the school and the student.

Colleges use these VIP Applications to appear more “selective.” These applications help increase a School’s applicant pool as well as strategically raise the average SAT scores of their applicants. These applications also increase a School’s chances of enrolling students from this desirable pool.

VIP applications are quick and easy to fill out. Many times the student’s name and address are already filled out on the form accompanying the letter or on the form that is easily assessable via the email. Typically these applications don’t require a long essay and applying is free.

Since students are urged to return the application or apply online earlier than the college’s regular deadline, students often get the chance to receive an early acceptance to a school. Having an acceptance so early in the application process can ease anxiety.

An acceptance is not a binding commitment.

College advisors at International College Counselors also note that receiving a VIP Application is not a guarantee that a student will be accepted.

If you received a VIP Application, feel flattered and complete it if you have some interest in the school. It’s a good opportunity to take advantage of. Though, if you’re not a good fit for the school, expert college advisors at International College Counselors would not encourage you to attend.

For more information on VIP Applications or any other college applications, clients of International College Counselors should contact one of our expert college advisors. We can also help you determine if a college is the right fit for you.

You’re all VIPs to us!

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