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6 Reasons to Consider Universities Outside the United States

York St John University

Our counselors are seeing a new trend: more students than ever before are applying to colleges and universities outside of the U.S.  Not only are we seeing this among the international students we work with, but also with our students who attend high school in the U.S.

U.S. colleges are reporting a 16% decline in international students during the fall 2020 semester. This drop was primarily driven by concerns around COVID. However, increasing numbers of students are also seeing the benefits of attending international schools.

The expert college advisors from International College Counselors have helped students gain admission to many international colleges, including IE University in Madrid, King’s College in London, University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland, Bocconi University in Italy, and McGill in Montreal, Canada.

A number of global universities offer joint programs. In these programs, a student can earn their degree from two or more institutions. Columbia University in New York City, for example, offers a Dual BA Program in in conjunction with Sciences PO in France. As part of this program, students earn their degree by doing coursework at both schools.  Columbia also offers a Dual BA Program in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

Here are six reasons students choose to study at an international university.

  1. Get a top quality education. The goal is always to get the highest quality of education. Australia, Canada, the UK, and a number of European countries are all home to very highly regarded systems of higher education and a large percentage of the world’s highest ranking universities.

  2. Expand worldview and grow as a person. Facing challenges and solving problems in another country builds resilience and independence. Students will also learn more about the world and develop friendships with citizens of other counties. Many students also find that international programs broaden their ways of thinking and increase their choices of career paths.

  3. Craft an international resume. Students can gain a competitive advantage by taking advantage of opportunities to live and intern abroad. Employers like candidates who have built international networks, enhanced their cross-cultural communications, and strengthened their global perspective. The world is more interconnected than ever, and studying in another country provides opportunities to become familiar with other cultures. Gaining skills in a global context will benefit students whether they choose to work abroad or in the U.S.

  4. Earn more money. In a number of studies, researchers found that students who studied abroad commanded higher starting salaries than the general population.

  5. Graduate in three years. Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in Europe can typically complete their bachelor’s degree in three years.

  6. Pay less in tuition. At a number of schools across Europe, Americans can earn their degree for free. Public schools in Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Finland are free not only for residents, but also for international students. Many even offer programs taught entirely in English. For schools that do charge tuition, costs are much lower than those of colleges in the U.S.

Consult with an advisor from International College Counselors and learn which universities in the U.S. or abroad are the best fit for your student! Visit http://www.internationalcollegecounselors.com or call 954-414-9986.

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