10 Tips for Making the Best Decision on College Decision Day

Traditionally, May 1 has been designated as Decision Day, the day when high school seniors commit to a college by submitting their deposits for the coming academic year. As everyone across the world copes with coronavirus, more than 300 colleges and universities have moved back their commitment deadline to June 1. For many, the pushing back of the deadline is a positive, as it provides more time for students to consider their options. 
Whether your deadline is May 1 or June 1, traditional visits are out of the question, as colleges have closed their campuses this spring. But there are still a number of options you can use to help you make your decision. 
1.  Take a virtual tour. Most colleges provide a virtual tour of their school on their own website. From classrooms to sporting events, students can catch a glimpse of campus life. To experience college virtual tours aggregated on one website, search CampusReel, YouVisit and/or CampusTours.  
2.  Attend a webinar or virtual information session. A number of admissions offices are using technology to guide high school seniors and their families about their college’s academics, amenities, and culture.
3.  Call an admissions representative for a one-on-one discussion. They’d love to hear from you!
4. Connect via a college’s digital network. A number of colleges are offering to connect admitted students and their families with university faculty and current students. 
5. Hop onto YouTube. Many colleges expanded their YouTube channel with videos tailored for incoming students.
6. View college “vlogs.”  Some show students in their day-to-day experiences attending classes and socializing with friends.
7. Contact current students and alumni directly. Ask what they think about the school, both the good and the not-so-good. Online resources can help you find the contact information for current students and alumni. You can also send an email to the school requesting a call or virtual meeting. Some colleges also offer live chat rooms where prospective students can connect with current students.  
8. Explore a few college campuses on Minecraft.  The University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, UCLA, Northwestern, and Berklee College of Music all rebuilt their campuses on Minecraft, a video game where users build structures in a blocky 3D world.
9. Explore Reddit. Subreddits like r/ApplyingToCollege , r/NYU, and r/Cornell are seeing an influx of posts from admitted but undecided students ranging from general questions to specific questions. On Reddit and other online forums, admitted students may also find candid opinions and personalized perspectives from current students and alumni on everything from the school’s academic rigor to its party scene.
10. Appeal for more financial aid, as needed. If your family has experienced a new financial situation, call the school to discuss possible changes to your financial aid package. Colleges understand that many families are facing new economic hardships and some colleges are able to change their financial aid offers. If you are a client of International College Counselors and have questions or would like assistance with this, please contact your college advisor. 
Of course, no one knows if colleges will be providing in-person instruction in the fall, but we at International College Counselors remain positive. Right now, colleges and universities plan to be open in the fall. They are, however, prepared to pivot to online learning for the fall if social distancing remains the norm.
International College Counselors strives to be a strong resource and partner for your family.  Even in these unprecedented times, we can enable your student to reach their fullest potential in the college admissions journey.  We’re here to help. 

For help with any or all parts of the college admissions process or decision making, visit our website or call 954-414-9986.

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